Max Theriot Talks About Bates Motel, Co-stars and His Character

By: Kh Ishrar

Max Theriot On Bates Motel

bm-s2-dylan-castbio-688x1065 (1)Max Theriot, playing Dylan Masscette on Bates Motel, has discussed a little or so about the show, his character and his co-stars in an interview with JustJared. While describing the show, Theriot said, “I think it’s entertaining, it’s captivating, it’s suspenseful, and it’s different I think. I think the writing’s great, the acting is great, I think all-around it has dark comedy, and obviously a lot of suspense and drama. It’s a psychological thriller and even action, it’s a lot wrapped up in one. It’s more suspenseful and psychological, instead of being just out-front and obvious about gore.”

Theriot was asked to describe Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga in one word. He went on and called Highmore ‘Sincere,’ and went on to say, “Freddie is like the nicest guy. He’s so smart, he’s pretty intelligent that sometimes, it’s frustrating to talk to him because he so much smarter than you are (laughs). The most impressive thing about Freddie is how he’s able to juggle acting, but he also goes to Cambridge. He speaks four languages – French, Spanish, Arabic and there’s another one. (Missed out English there, Theriot?) It’s really impressive!” Max Theirot gives a no longer than one worded description for Farmiga, calling her, “Loving.”

bm3More than anything else on the show, the relationship between Dylan and Norma has been viewed under the microscope. Dylan undergoes twisted mommy and daddy issues on the show like no other. While we have all taken our part in commenting on Dylan’s condition upon finding out about the parents are infact siblings, let’s hear Theriot’s views on the matter, he says, “I think it would obviously be a really tough thing to deal with. I think I would have a certain amount of disbelief and disgust. There would definitely be a lot of built-up anger and hatred that surface because of never knowing about this and a lot of questions. I think there are a lot of things that your mind would race through receiving some information like that.” Theriot always describes Dylan’s relationship with Norma as ‘roller coaster’ he goes on talking about it by saying, “As soon as it starts to get a little better, it always seems to dive off the cliff. That’s how their relationship has always been and that’s why it’s never been able to be a constantly happy relationship between the two of them.”

jjmtshoot-78091388To speak of the character of Dylan, individually, we can all agree on the fact that he has come a long way since his introduction. Form a carefree, reckless, violent lad, he has evolved into a thoughtful and considerate brother and son. Theriot agrees and by sayin, “He’s beginning to show a little bit more vulnerability and that he is capable of not just being that sarcastic and kind of smug. In a lot of scenes, you see the immature, tough guy, badass and now you get to see the softer sides to him. You also see that he’s a little bit more emotional deep down. He has a lot of stuff that’s been building up over the years and now we’re starting to see some of that now. It’s nice to bring the other sides to Dylan that we didn’t see last season.”

hjhvWe simply love to see Max Theriot on-screen as Dylan, but like all other, he too had a contingency plan in case the acting career did not work out and his alternate aim was to become a racer. Theriot explains, “If I hadn’t started acting and had done something else I would’ve probably started racing. I don’t know how far that would’ve ended up. It was about the same time I started acting, I started racing go karts and I quit racing go karts because I was acting. “Theirot also reveals a little fun fact about himself by saying, “I own my own wine label. It’s called Senses.”

And finally, he mentions what we might expect to see in the third season of Bates Motel by stating, “Just more shocking scenes, scenarios, story lines, and other new really cool characters. It’s really cool when they introduce these new quirky, strange, or dangerous characters into the mix. They’re fun ya know?”

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