Abbie Not Getting An Easy Way Out Of The Purgatory

By: Kh Ishrar

Let’s Get a Better Look into Abbie’s Future on Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow has kept us on hold for such a long time, that it’s unbelievable. The only things keeping us afloat are the drops and fragments of the upcoming sophomore season. Before I proceed with another scoop for our readers, watch out for spoilers, amigos!

SHtomnicole900x506Last thing we know, all our favorite characters on Sleepy Hollow were in peril and some were even at the verge of extinction when we left them in the finale of the previous season. And it is not like all of them are in any real danger for now, at least not from the events of the last season. We did see Ichabod getting locked up in the pine box by his newly discovered son, who also happens to be the Horseman of War. However, it is quite obvious that the witness will be freed form the pain and captivity early next season. Although, Abbie, who is now stuck in purgatory, in exchange for the freedom of Katrina Crane, might not get so lucky. When asked about Abbie’s trip to the purgatory, EP Wiseman said, “We have 18 episodes in Season 2, that’s a lot of time to get Abbie out.” That cannot be a satisfying answer for the Abbie Mills fans out there. We really hoped that the witnesses will gear up and we see them fighting off the demons together in this Season again, but the writers might just have something unique in store for us in the all new season. Even though the purgatory won’t leave the actress alone, she does not have a single complaint. In fact, Nicole Beharie is more than pleased to be blessed with the role of Abbie Mills on the show, as she says, “My favorite part of playing Abbie is the complexity and I get to have a lot of fun babysitting grandpa (Mison) here. I don’t know how we are able to squeeze in monsters, the apocalypse and the family story all in the different ways.”

1378788157000-sleepy-hollow-1Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman told Entertainment Weekly that the second season is not going to be easy on them as they have set the bars quite high for themselves with the brilliant debut season and the says, “It’s definitely scary. I think ‘Sleepy’ caught people by surprise last year a little bit, and that worked to our advantage.” Even with all this pressure, the writers are not even close to the idea of giving up. The EP has a strategy worked out and he adds, “Now there’s a microscope on the show, which is wonderful and terrifying all at the same time — but mostly wonderful. I think the compass that we all use is just really wanting to make sure that the stories are coming from an honest place that they’re ultimately coming from the character.” We agree when it comes to taking the impulsive route and moving on a solid instinct is a smart way to achieving success. It has served Sleepy Hollow quite well so far to say the least.

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