AHS Season 4 Episode 3 Review Edward Mordrake

Edward Mordrake, ”the man with two faces” is the biggest subject of superstition of American Story. He has lived in the 19th century for which the second face is functioning; could laugh and cry but eat. For this Halloween-episode clip, two face man Edward Mordrake is said to have killed his co sideshow performers before hanging himself. All of these were done because of the “demon face” only he could hear which badly influenced him. The story was supplied in a creepy vintage setting. The setting gave Edward Mordrake’s second face a frightening smile. The second face looks like a mini Joaquin Phoenix or little Jack Black in one angle.

The American Horror Story custom of all intense emotions shows all the time. Esmerelda’s horrified to be in Fraulein Elsa’s employee, surrounded by prompts of human frailty. “Edward Mordrake, Part 1” those original fears put most of the scary stocks. “The real boogeyman is death.” The episode fights through Ethel’s terrible prediction and Dot’s dream/Bette’s nightmare. “A fraud is more terrifying than any clown with a pair of pinking shears.” This increases through the opening of Esmerelda and Stanley, a view underlined by the gloomy, real-life myth of Edward Mordrake.

As Jimmy states that the Mordrake story “a bunch of bunk,” it’s perhaps the most unflattering claim to someone in the sideshow biz can make.  Jimmy Darling came about his trade by birth—quite literally, though Evan Peters was wearing prosthetics. It is explained in  Ethel’s flashback. His is a world risked by and unasked for to make believe, and the threat that television shows to Fraulein Elsa’s comes up at least twice in “Edward Mordrake.”

The proposed American Horror Story sequel this week was: Ma Petite and Amazon Eve sitcom where in they share an apartment and are regularly pranking one another. It’s a false jump scare, but the pumpkin prank from “Edward Mordrake, Part 1” is too enjoyable to be a one-off.

Thinking if Elsa get over Edward’s second week on the show, Esmerelda will be the one who finally pushes her to do something about Dot and Bette. The storyline optimistically into a psychological-horror take on All About Eve. “Maybe society is the real freak show” this week: “The medical community has always been fascinated by freaks of nature.”

In American Horror Poetry this week: “Men will jump on the first available pussy.”—Dell Toledo, one five-syllable stanza away from making an American Horror Haiku. The three successive weeks of musical interludes makes a pattern. Having said that, the show might “hopefully not” just get a song-and-dance in every episode of Freak Show. Lana Del Rey’s “Gods and Monsters” is a stirred choice. On the contrary, “Edward Mordrake, Part 1” given themes is not the appropriate choice.

The Freak Show doing musical number every week should consider giving one of those numbers to Patt LaBelle. Which came first: Patti LaBelle’s Woody Woodpecker impression, or Nora’s Woody Woodpecker costume?

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