Bates Motel – Season 03, Episode 04

‘Unbreak-Able’ Review

Bates-Motel-Unbreakable-3x04-promotional-picture-bates-motel-38316931-5184-3456We saw in the last episode that Annika is finally back to the motel and as Norma rushes towards her, she collapses to the ground, handing over a flash drive to Norma and tells her to use it for her son and herself. Annika says it is important. We also saw that Norman went into the trance again where we imagined his mother telling him to recreate the feeling of being trapped in a box and in order to do so, Norman gets underwater in his tub and his mother has to break open the door to rescue him.

Bates MotelIn this week’s episode we watch a crowd of officers are overflowing at Bates Motel. When Norman looks at the dead body, he freezes. He asks his mother whether he did this, if he killed her or not. Dylan is also back to the motel. Norma has a talk with Romero. She tells him, in full details, what happened since Annika came back that night, leaving out the part about the flash drive, obviously. Romero asks why Norman had such a reaction to Annika’s death and Norma dodged the bullet by saying that he is just a compassionate kid. Norma then cuts the interrogation short and afterwards she tries to see what’s on the drive. The files on the drive are password protected and Norma fails to open them. Funnily enough, one of the passwords she uses is ‘sexcrazed’. Epic.

Norman is suddenly acting jealous just because his brother, Dylan, has come over. As a reflex of Norma paying attention to her other son, Norman kisses Emma while making sure that Norma is watching. Do we even need to call ‘creepy’?!

bates-motel-304-03Norma walks upto a complete stranger on a coffee shop and asks him to extract the files from the drive but he fails, saying that the program was too good to be overwritten. The man eyes Norma suspiciously because she tells him the flash drive was encrypted by her late mother. Disappointed, Norma walks away. Romero learns that Bob Paris and Annika were dating.

As it turns out, the car was registered to the girl who was found dead in the river. Romero tries to confront Paris and ends up learning that he was expecting the police to find something on Annika. norman-batesRomero searches Annika’s room and asks Norma whether Annika had something on her when she died and Norma again says nothing the drive.

Norma is going through tech books in the library when James Finnigan appears and asks her on a coffee date. The two go over and in the middle of the conversation, Norma starts crying while talking about how Norman and her are drifting apart and how everything is so different now. James, being a psychology professor, seems completely comfortable sitting and handing a tissue to her as she showered him with her issues.Bates-Motel-Unbreakable-Season-3-Episode-4-04

Norman goes to a picnic with Emma and also attempts to make his mother jealous about it. Norma asks him to cut it out and stop trying to get back at her because he thinks Norma likes Dylan better than him. Norma also adds that Norman couldn’t sleep with Emma because he could wind up hurting her, like he did Blaire Watson.

Norma gives Dylan the drive and tells him that he is the only one she trusts and that she doesn’t even trust Norman. Bates-Motel-1Norma tells Dylan everything about that night Annika gave it to her. Norman overhears the conversation and understands that his mother and brother are keeping something from him. During his date, Norman turns her words around and tells Emma that she shouldn’t sleep with him because of her lung condition. Feeling humiliated, Emma walks out.

Caleb finally talks. He tells Dylan that Norma and he were involved physically and one day she told him they had to stop because it was wrong. Bates-Motel-Unbreakable-Season-3-Episode-4-02He said he loved her unconditionally and couldn’t let her go. That still doesn’t justify his actions but seems to have done the trick, as far as Dylan is concerned. He suddenly seems much more sympathetic towards his dad now. We don’t even know how to react to this. The twisted situation of this family only seems to get twistier.

The Bates Motel office is being searched by Paris’ men and Dylan suggests that the flash drive needs to be gotten rid of. Norman asks Dylan what is going on and Dylan tells him to stay the hell out of it. Norman gets pissed and follows his brother all the way to the farm and witnesses Caleb there. Dylan begs Norman to keep a secret but Norman overreacts and leaves in rage.

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