Emma Roberts Transforming Into A Freak

By: Kh Ishrar

Will Emma Roberts Land The Bearded Lady Or One Of The Siamese Twins?

For us, American Horror Story fans, it is difficult not to keep a look out for the news leaks and latest updates of the largely discussed, fourth season of the show. The fourth season, titled, Freak Show, is not only like to air this coming October, but the production is also supposed to start this July! Spoilers ahead, so, read at your own risk.

Freak Show is undoubtedly going to be full of freaks. The show and its associated ones have revealed that Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Frances Conroy will be starring as freaks. Angela Bassett, who is likely to play a very special role this season, will not be playing the bearded lady, as suspected by many, including herself. However, there is another star extremely excited to play any freak on the show, including the bearded lady.

emma roberts american horror storyMadison, from Coven, might transform into a scarier creature this time around. That’s right! Emma Roberts is already said to rejoin the show in its upcoming season and she is enthused to play a freak on the show. The actress admitted this to Refinery29 and stated, “I wouldn’t be opposed to playing any kind of freak. It would be so fun and so interesting. Last year, when everybody was talking about coming back, everyone said, ‘Emma’s going to come back and be the bearded lady!’ I was like, ‘Oh my god, you guys! Shut up!’ I would laugh so hard if I had to put on a beard every day. But why not?” Not only when it came to playing a freak on the show, Emma Roberts seems to be much hyped about the show itself and mentions its sparks, “I’m really excited for that. It’s my favorite show. Getting to be on it last year was one of the highlights of my career, [and] I was so excited when they asked me to come back and do this next season. I love that it’s going to be a freak show and that it’s going to be a period piece this year. I love that on American Horror Story they transform everybody every year — you never really recognize the same people. So, I’m excited for my American Horror Story makeover.” Well she isn’t the only one surely! The fans are also super excited to see what the witches and other characters from the past have turned into this season.

american horror story freakWell, some of the facts have already been brought to light. We know that Jessica Lange will be playing attending American Horror Story for a final time in the form of a German woman, managing the freak show and working closely with her, will be the collector of freaks, Denis O’Hare.

Freak Show will be introducing Michael Chiklis, from The Shield, to play ex-husband to Bates and father to Evan Peters. The Golden Globe Emmy winner is entitled to bring in a lot more thrill to The American Horror Story. “My heart was pounding like it is right now. It is a Freak Show, oh man!” said Chiklis at the PaleyFest. Seems like the stars are as excited about the coming season as we are!

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