Ichabbie In Season 02 And More Sleepy Hollow Updates

By: Kh Ishrar

Does Ichabbie Have A Future?

It’s becoming exceedingly difficult not to lose our heads over the long wait for Season 02 of Sleepy Hollow. The speculations and spoilers are what have kept our minds at ease so far and here is a little more of those. There have been a lot of rumors about what was destined for Ichabbie, not only as a witness pair, but also as potential lovers. To begin with the star reactions, Tom was surprised by merely the idea of ‘shipping’, which fans find inevitable for their amusements. “That’s a term I’d never heard of before this job. I had to Google what shipping meant and now I know,” says Tom Mison.

ichabbie sleepy hollowI have faith that the shipping or coupling of Ichabod and Abbie will be nothing short of disturbing for many fans. We love Abbie and we LOVE Ichabod. But the two are a duo, fighting evil till eternity, till they save our planet. To back up our stance, I would like to add that Ichabod and Abbie are partners, equally powerful and determined war fighting soldiers. Now to see them as lovers will disrupt the equation between them. If anything, they are bros, working side by side, having each other’s backs. They can be involved in romantic relationships with others but not with each other! They are supposed to be superheroes who we do not want to see making out. But Ichabod has a slightly different outlook. Mison thinks that the fan reactions to a kiss between the witnesses could be noted and says, “If we end up kissing, will people be outraged? It might be worth doing it just to see the Internet break.”

sleepy hollow ichabbieThe show’s makers and Nicole Beharie, however seem to be on the same page as us. There is apparently, going to be a love interest for Abbie, and that too in the form of a completely fresh new face. Executive Producer, Heather Kadin, says, “Now that Katrina’s back-ish, the potential of having her there, you want to see Abbie have some hot romance, so we’ve talked a lot about that, which we know fans will hate.” That is great news for us and Abbie, as Nicole Beharie mentions, “I asked them if I could be a part of the casting process! I want to know who he is and make sure he is tall and chiseled and strong enough for me.” We sure hope that he is all those things as all that matters eventually is that our favorite stars are happy!

ichabbie sleepy hollowSleepy Hollow is least about romance, as compared to everything else. The love and trust between friends, family and even strangers united by fate, is what the show is about and it is what makes it so special, which brings us to the changes in our favorite supernatural town. The show is about to bring Sheriff Vasquez, who is said to be, smart, forceful, highly trained and commanding with warm and maternal side. She is also a native of the town and is returning after having worked at the U.S. Border Patrol in Texas.

If you think Ichabod only has to deal with the troubles contained within Sleepy Hollow, you will be surprised to know what the show has planned. Executive Producer, Robert Orci says, “Not just for the mythology and evil coming to town, but Ichabod seeing the rest of the world is just a fascinating thing to do. He’s been in this town the whole time and he’s adapted very well, but I’d like to see his reaction the first time he gets on an airplane.” Now that’s a sight we wouldn’t miss for the world!

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