Sarah Paulson Loves Game of Thrones


Proof that actors are people as well, Sarah Paulson, the very talented American Horror Story actress, loves Game of Thrones. Yes, Paulson is just like you and me, a person who can’t wait and see the next thing that happens in the land of Westeros.

Paulson is friends with actress Amanda Peet who is married to one of the show’s co-creators David Benioff.

“I’m sure I could go over to Amanda and David’s and ask them to show me episodes before they come on but I would never do that because I want to watch it as it’s happening. I don’t want to know.” Says Paulson.

Her connection to the HBO hit show doesn’t end with her friendship with Peet. She’s also good friends with Pedro Pascal, who plays the sex addicted Prince of Dorne, Oberyn Martell. They have known each other since they were 19 and they often share silly photos together on Twitter and Instagram.

“I knew he [Pascal] was auditioning and I had to see his audition tape and I was like ‘you s**t! Now I know something’s going to happen!’” she says with a laugh.

“Any time they’re discussing a plot point or Pedro’s having a conversation about something, I put my fingers in my ears and say ‘blah, blah, blah’ because I just don’t want to know.”

Paulson had lots of things to say about a particular scene in the supernatural program called “The Purple Wedding”.

“Boy, do I love the actor who plays Joffrey but boy am I glad that mother**ker’s dead. He was such an evil little s**t and he was a terrifying, terrifying creature. So I was very, very pleased to see that snot and blood running out of his nose.

“It seemed perfect that he would be poisoned when he was such a poisonous creature,” she adds.

Paulson is known for her American Horror Story portrayals and lately for her part on the Academy Award winning movie 12 Years a Slave. She played the role of Mistress Epps, the wife of Michael Fassbender’s brutal slave owner Master Epps.

She just finished Carol, a movie that includes Cate Blanchet and Rooney Mara. Currently, she’s busy with the fourth season of American Horror Story, Freak Show.

When asked if she can share any secret information about the horror show’s fourth season, she said “Are you nuts? Do you want me to get killed in a dark alley somewhere? I can’t tell you anything. The only person who can tell anybody anything is [AHS co-creator] Ryan Murphy and until he gives me the go ahead.

“I know what I’m playing. I’m very excited about what I’m playing. It’s going to be one of the more challenging things I’ve ever done and I can say that much but that’s about it,” she cryptically adds.

Freak Show will be set in the 1950s and feature a group of side show freaks led by ring leader Jessica Lange. Paulson said that she has been practicing a particular skill for next season.


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