Jessica Lange’s Dietrich Character on American Horror Story

After the finale of American Horror Story: Coven, fans are still speculating on what they will see on season 4 of the hit FX show. The speculation started when co-creator Ryan Murphy hinted that the show will be set in the 1950’s, be shot in New Orleans, and Jessica Lange’s character will have a German accent. From AHS’s Facebook page:

Ryan Murphy: “It’s set in 1950. If you look historically what happened in the year 1950, there’s some more clues in that year. It’s a period piece. We try and do the opposite of what we’ve done before. Jessica Lange has already started practicing her German accent so I’m very excited!” and also
“Jessica Lange has always wanted to play a Marlene Dietrich figure, and now she gets to.”

Based from a quick search, Marlene Dietrich was a German born American actress who had a very long and fruitful career. She became famous in her twenties and toured the world for stage performances up until she was in her 70s. She was in countless movies and stage plays, and according to Wikipedia “Dietrich remained popular throughout her long career by continually re-inventing herself, professionally and characteristically.” She was also one of the highest paid actresses in her era, and was named by the American Film Institute as the ninth greatest female star of all time.

If Ms. Lange will be doing a Dietrich type of character, the show might be dealing with things that are related to movies and plays. She retired when she fell of the stage performing in Sydney, Australia. She broke her thigh during the performance. The next year, her husband died of cancer. She spent the klast remaining years of her life as a bedridden alcoholic and dependent on pain killers. She also had a very private life to which she allowed a select few of family and employees to visit her in her apartment.

The life of Ms. Dietrich sure is interesting and I’m sure Mr. Murphy and his writers have lots of inspirations to draw from.

Other things that we know is that Sarah Paulson, who played Cordelia Goode on Coven, will be returning for next season. She denied practicing a German accent, but she said that she is trying to develop a skill.

A costume designer for the horror show name Lou Eyrich told Entertainment Weekly that the show will start shooting on June. “I’ve heard rumors that the next season of AHS could start in June.” Eyrich said.

She also confirmed the news that the show will be indeed shot in New Orleans. “I’ve heard rumors that it’s going back to New Orleans, but that’s all I’ve heard.” The American Horror Story costume designer said. The previous season, Coven, was also shot in New Orleans.

Other fans have speculated that the show will have a circus theme, but Murphy says that no one has ever guessed what they will be doing next season. He also says that season 4 of AHS will have a comic tone like Coven.

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