Was American Horror Story: Asylum Written By Leftist Wackos?

American-Horror-Story-Asylum-S2-Poster-2So I recently watched American Horror Story: Asylum. This was a beautifully photographed, brilliantly acted series. But I must admit, the subtext had me scratching my head.

On it’s face, the overall story seems to be blatant. There is a group of “good guys” locked up in an asylum being violated and brutalized by the staff of “bad guys”.

It wasn’t until you peeled the next layer back that things started to look funny…

Our “good Guys” seemed like they came straight from a “causes” section from the Leftist playbook.

There is:

  • The Pot Smoking Lesbian Journalist
  • The girl who murdered her father that was molesting her
  • The sexually liberated woman (locked up for being a nymphomaniac)
  • The non-racist (locked up for murdering his black wife {which he didn’t do})

The Staff at the Asylum, or the “Bad Guys” seem to be an amalgamation of every “evil Conservative” Stereotype.

There is

  • The big white Doctor (who has a little dick, and is really a Nazi)
  • The lecherous drunk (who ran down a little girl and now hides behind the morality of the church)
  • The clean cut psychiatrist (who starts out seeming to be good, but turns into the most evil of them all)

And let us not forget Sister Mary Eunice. The blissfully ignorant conservative who is deceived into doing evil by those she looks up to. And to top it off, she becomes more likeable after she becomes possessed by the Devil!

If that is all there was to it, then I would have had no doubt that this series was written by leftist nutjobs. But there is a flaw in the theory.

American-Horror-Story-Asylum-Shelley-monsterThe Sexually Liberated woman was played so bat-shit crazy by Chloë Sevigny that one could hardly argue that she was a good example of a sexually liberated woman being tortured by a misogynistic society. I would hope that even today, if someone were to run around acting like she did, they would be locked up. (or at least heavily medicated.)

The Lecherous Drunk is redeemed

The girl who murdered her father because he molested her was still a bat-shit crazy murderer.

The Pot Smoking Lesbian Journalist revealed herself to be a lying manipulative, fame hungry bitch.

Wait a minute…

Maybe American Horror Story: Asylum was written by Right Wing Nut-jobs trying to smear the leftist causes…

Or maybe I am just reading to deep into a show that was only meant to be taken at face value. As a hugely entertaining show.

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