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By: Kh Ishrar

Sleepy Hollow Season 02: All That’s New In Town

19d8t13drqzj2jpgAs the season two premiere dates for Sleepy Hollow draws nearer and nearer, we can’t help but be tremendously excited about encountering the show with its latest extensions and altered circumstances. Sleepy Hollow Season 02 is set to premier on FOX on Monday, September 22, at 9/8c.

Although there has been much revealed about the new season of the show, there’s bound to be major jaw-dropping surprises this season. It should be a great challenge for the creators of the show to keep up with the first season’s standards. The have set the benchmark too high already and which was the viewership of the show shifts, depends largely on how Sleepy Hollow will be carrying out the hanging situations left off by the finale. The Sleepy Hollow team had a lot to say about upcoming season plans which was brought forth by

sleep-hollow-nycc1Co-creator Roberto Orci says, “War can tear a town apart but also a family. Can [Ichabod and Katrina] redeem their son or not?” While on one hand there is the disrupted family dynamic, on the other hand we have the witnesses’ bond at the verge of fading. As Ichabod left Abbie in the purgatory, he is responsible of bringing her back, but not at the cost of Katrina. I mean, he might just be prepared to sacrifice himself for Abbie but there is not a scenario I can imagine, where he might trade Katrina. Mark Goffman says, “Picking up this season, there will be some real trust issues. We saw that Crane had betrayed Abbie’s trust in redrawing the map to Purgatory. Crane is married and still hopelessly in love. That can’t be forgotten. I really think it’s interesting and fun that she has a relationship with a man but it’s not romantic… Crane has become a family member.” In addition to this, Goffman teases further by stating, “We’re going to drop a few bombs in this season with Crane and Katrina that neither of them could have ever prepared for.” As though the prevailing bombs weren’t enough. However, these ground breaking revelations are what keeps us on the edge of our seats and makes us love the show so much!

d57ea2a2057b1480088e4d2f20a92ad6There are many new additions to Sleepy Hollow, like the new sheriff in town, the bounty hunter, Benjamin Franklin, the kindred creature and certainly many more. Among these, some will turn out to be friends and others shall be foes to the witnesses. Goffman says, “We have a new sheriff in town, Lena Reyes, and that’s going to pose a lot of cool conflict with Crane and Abbie as they try to work their way in the precinct. She has a history in Sleepy Hollow but has been with the border patrol.” In addition to this, he mentioned that Abbie and Lena go way back and some revelations about Abbie’s past shall be made through this character.

Ichabod who was in a pine box the last time we met him, might take longer than we anticipated, as Alex Kurtzman says, “We spent so much time to get him in the ground. What we didn’t want to do is just get him right out and make it feel easy.” But he does get out eventually and as far as we know, Jenny survives the crash and lucky for us, even Andy Brooks is back for the second season. This season is bound to be a treat and you better not miss it!

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