Presenting AHS: Freak Show, Kathy Bates as The Bearded Lady

Kathy Bates will play as the bearded lady, Effil Darling in American Horror Story: Freak Show. Bates and Jessica Lange will play the German expat Elsa Mars, the owner of one of America’s last freak shows.  On the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards show on Sunday, August 25, they won for their roles in American Horror Story: Coven. American Horror Story season four will debut on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 on FX.

Another cast member would be Wendell Del Toredo (Michael Chiklis) as the circus strongman. He is the ex-husband of Effil Darling, but is now the spouse of Angela Bassett’s character, the circus performer Desiree Dupree. Bassett’s poster picture seems that she have three breasts. Regular cast part of the past seasons of American Horror Story, Evan Peters, will be Jimmy Darling, the son of Wendell and Effil.

Sarah Paulson, the series eternal actress will play as the conjoined twins Bette and Dot Tattler.  Other actors and actresses for the upcoming season will be Emma Roberts (Maggie), Gabourey Sidibe, Denis O’Hare (Elsa Mars’ rival and a collector of freaks), Finn Wittrock, Frances Conroy and Patti LaBelle, who will emerge in a four episode arc. The main villain this season four will be played by John Carroll Lynch from Fargo, Twisty.  He is the evil serial-killing clown of American Horror Story.

Matt Bomer  is the  guest for American Horror Story: Freak Show. Bome, along with Ryan Murphy, 48, will be directing the season debut. The two worked together in the multiple Emmy nominated The Normal Heart (HBO), starred also by actress Julia Roberts and Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory. Jyoti Amge , the world’s smallest will be a three-legged woman in the cast.

The setting of the American Horror Story: Freak Show will be in the 1950s in Jupiter, Florida. This is a decade earlier than Asylum. The freak show sets in 1952.  It was a place where lepers often oblige for shelter; on the other hand, they will find out that the one ran by Elsa Mars is a place, instead, where some of them will die., American Horror Story: Freak Show Ryan Murphy said “in many ways dovetails with Asylum.” He added that, during the 1960s, many circus freaks “in real life were put into asylums.”

The official hashtag of American Horror Story: Freak Show is #WirSindAlleFreaks. It means “we are all freaks.” Ryan Murphy said the special ability cast “amazing” and said further that “it was their dream to be actors and they didn’t have any opportunities.” Murphy described directing them as being an “emotional” experience.

American Horror Story: Freak Show, with Kathy Bates as the bearded lady and Sarah Paulson as conjoined twins, will reportedly be the last season for Jessica Lange to appear in the series on FX. Lange has been the heart of each season since the season one. Surely we will miss their roles and who knows there will be bombshell news. The fourth season might be the best season of American Horror Story.

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