Ryan Murphy Teases Season 4 of American Horror Story

Fans of American Horror Story have been wracking their brains on figuring out what they will see on season 4. The most famous speculation is that the horror show will take place mostly in a circus. Ryan Murphy, co-creator of the show, already dismissed the theory and has said that nobody has gotten it yet.

If you’re really serious on trying to guess what season 4 is, I say watch Coven again and look for some clues that the creative team has left for us to hunt! AHS loves to hint what they will be doing for their next season, one example is when they featured an asylum in season one and the 2nd season was mostly shot inside an institution.

E-online also suggests the same thing: “You know how Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk love to drop little hints in the previous season? Well, Falchuk told us there was a clue in the finale that nobody has guessed yet. Now go watch the finale over and over and report back. BALENCIAGA!”

Another theory comes from EW.com and they said that the 4th season will be set in Paris because Fiona (Jessica Lange) went there. Murphy replied by saying the guess “could not be more far off.” He also declined to say much about next season “because we haven’t even started the deals, and I literally just locked this thing on Monday. I’m meeting with people too and the writers haven’t even started yet.”

What we know is that it will be set on two timelines, one in is the 1950’s and the other one is still a mystery. The whole thing will be shot in Santa Fe or New Orleans and Jessica Lange is already practicing her German accent to play a Dietrich type character. With this, people are now speculating that the next season will be about an aging actress played of course by Jessica Lange, and we all know that her former character Fiona has been obsessed with youth and beauty so will she be doing the same sort of character? Is next season going to be concentrated on acting, TV, movies, or stage performances? If these speculations will be tested on what Murphy is saying, then these can all be false. The Glee creator always says that they are always trying to do something different from what they’ve already done so repeating the theme of youth and beauty would not be a logical guess. But still, we don’t have all the answers yet. Best thing to do is go back to AHS Coven and look for the hints that they’ve left for us.

When asked if next season will be darker, Ryan Murphy said: “Hmmmm. I don’t know what to say. It’s a combination of things. It’s a combination of two time periods, with the main one being the 1950s. I don’t know. We haven’t started writing it yet, so I don’t really know the tone. I like that we had a lot of comedy in this year, and I like the comic characters, so I think that will remain.”


Ryan Murphy Teases Season 4 of American Horror Story

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