Sleepy Hollow Actor Tom Mison Gets Married

By: Kh Ishrar

Wedding Bells Chime For Tom Mison

tumblr_mut0tePaAS1rkzicmo3_400While Sleepy Hollow’s Ichabod Crane has been married for over two centuries, Tom Mison, the actor playing Crane, tied the knot no sooner than this year. The exclusive news of the wedding was formerly brought to light by Us Weekly. Tom Mison married his fiancé, Charlotte Coy, who is a former actress. An inside source confirmed, “It was a small and intimate family and friends gathering. Very rustic and beautiful. The bride was very beautiful, wore a non-traditional gown. It was outdoors.” Apparently, the wedding took place over a month ago and the happy couple took off for the honeymoon before anyone could bother them. They decided to pass the peaceful romantic getaway before Mison would return to United States for press.

001The bitter sweet news on the wedding of the infinitely attractive Tom Mison is bound to break a few hearts worldwide. He is not only one of the best looking actors on the small screen today, but his perfect British accent is also to die for! The 31 years old British actor began his journey of acting through theatre work and slowly made his way into several TV shows and also a number of movies. In our opinion, Sleepy Hollow is undeniably one of the best work by Tom Mison. However, there a few more shows, where Mison performed, that are worth mentioning, like, The Amazing Mrs Pritchard where Tom played Ben Sixsmith, Lost in Austen where he played Mr. Bingley, Parade’s End where he stars as Potty Perowne. Tom Mison also played the part of Tim in the movie, Dead Cat (2013) which was a romantic comedy based on the story of two childhood lovers, who are brought together over the course of time and have decided to give their relationship a second chance. Mison also starred in One Day (2011) as Callum and in Jadoo (2013) as Mark.

tumblr_n2wydou69R1s4xileo1_400So, to state more about the new bride, we know very little but we’ll share as much we are aware of. After looking her up for a while, we found out that she worked as an actress in movies like Canbury (2008), Bus Stop (2008) and Paintbrush (2008). Tom Mison and Charlotte Coy have been seen publicly on very seldom occasions, the most recent one being the New York City FOX Upfronts from last year. We found her rare photo after putting in quite some effort and as you can see, she is beautiful. The former actress now is busy selling vintage products and goes by the name, The Dotty Pigeon. The Dotty Pigeon has its own business site, its own page on Facebook and a couple hundred followers on the social network, Twitter. Another interesting fact is that, Charlotte Coy is the sister of Jolyon Coy, who worked in Laura Wade’s play Posh with Tom Mison at the Royal Court Theatre. Looks like the newly wedded couple’s paths crossed a long time ago and the love seems to have lasted long and strong enough to persist and finally receive its happy ending.

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