Sleepy Hollow EP Mark Goffman on Season Finale Reveal

The finale episode Sleepy Hollow’s first season left many surprised and a bit angry. Surprised because of the twists and turns that the last episode offered and angry because of the fact that the lead characters where left in tremendous peril and leaving us with a lot of time to wonder what will happen to them.

Luckily, the man who co-wrote the 2nd half of the finale (together with Alex Kurtzman) breaks down everything and gives us a sneak peak of what will happen on season 2 of Sleepy Hollow.

The twist with Henry Parish being Ichabod’s son, how long was the plan and how long did John Noble knew this was the plan?

Mark Goffman: “We knew from the beginning. We had told John Noble about it, and I actually gave him the bible for the season when we first brought him on. So it’s been something he’s been sort of building into his performance from episode 5. And we really thought it was important to establish the Sin Eater as a character before we even heard of Crane’s son. And then to try to put to bed the idea of his son in a couple of episodes later in the back half of the season. So it’s kind of brought up, then dismissed and we move on with the story and the mythology. Hopefully we buried the ball pretty well in terms of the reveal.”

As prophesized, Abbie was hand delivered to Moloch. Did you ever think of leaving Ichabod in purgatory instead?

MG: “I feel like we had shown Ichabod a few times over the course of the season in Purgatory, and it seemed like just a much more exciting way to leave, if we were back in our world and that’s where Crane was in jeopardy, at the end of the season cliffhanger. So it just felt like a much more exciting way to go. And also, having each of them isolated felt like a much stronger cliffhanger.”

How are you going to get out of this mess?

MG: “We definitely have ideas. Part of the fun of this show is taking these really big swings. So we’ll have to take some more to get them out.”

Is there going to be a time jump? Or does the 2nd season start with continuing with all of the chaos?

MG: “I don’t want to say yet. But the great thing about the way this show is crafted is that we don’t have to start in real time. We can begin in dream sequences, we can begin with a flashback to parts of the past and tell some of these stories. But I think it’s pretty important to me that we get them both out pretty quickly. We know that Crane is in the coffin, so the clock is ticking quickly. He’s in a lot of jeopardy so we have to face that very quickly and not take too long before addressing it.”

Are you going to introduce new characters next season?

MG:  “We actually do plan to introduce some new characters. One of the big goals, which goes along with the idea of war in Sleepy Hollow, is that we need to populate the town more. So we expect to build out and get to know more of the town of Sleepy Hollow and that will definitely mean bringing in some more characters. And some of them, I think, will be supernatural.”

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