Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 10: Magnum opus

Ichabod was back in a big track on Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 10.This segment had all the winding components about this series.

Katrina used a mirror to converse again. It was the easiest and quickest way for Kat to inform the witnesses that Moloch’s growing up too fast. Remember the formula; Katrina in small doses is good for the soul.

Nasty sin eater Henry touches the mirror and learns our heroes’ plan. The Sword of Methuselah, that’s the ticket.

Ichabod: In the book of Enoch there is the legend of Methuselah. He was given a sword with the power to kill any being on Earth. He used it to take down a thousand demons.

Abbie: So Mama was right, the sword can kill Moloch.

Permalink: In the book of Enoch there is the legend of Methuselah.

Ben Franklin’s clues form, became leading to the sword. The person recoups the sword must know them completely or die. Abbie and Ichabod on a quest to stop the evil. They’ve unexpected so far from that simple formula.

The flashbacks between Ichabod and Abraham were entertaining. Isn’t it something that past-Katrina was so persuasive and desired by the two pals? She’s best in flashbacks or small shots in the present.

Ichabod: Whatever man I may be, Abraham, I’m still your better.

Abraham: Toy swords and pretend fighting, but come test yourself in the real world and decide; were you meant to teach history or to make it.

Part of what hooked originally was Ichabod and the Horseman’s journey that intertwined.

Ichabod and Abbie put Headless to good use defeating the thing was perfection. The outstanding effects were attractively skillful; the Gorgon wasn’t cheap in the least.

Locking eyes with the Gorgon turns a person to stone. Nobody can near enough to kill it. Maybe someone with no eyes can.

Abbie and Ichabod waited to tempt Headless into that underground cavern. The plan almost worked, but the witnesses were faced with several swords.

Surprisingly, Ichabod and Abbie could see Abraham’s head, the cavern was fascinated. It was the only way Headless and Ichabod could have an actual conversation and fight sequence as well.

Abraham: I was supposed to be the hero of this story. Not the villain.

Ichabod: Do not dare put this on me. You chose the mantle of Death. You chose Moloch.

Finally, Abraham heard Moloch’s horn and handily hustled back to his master. An eternity of Katrina with Abraham is worse than a thousand deaths.

Working together Ichabod and Abbie ruled to get the sword of Methuselah. Though Moloch is now fully grown, at least the witnesses have the sword to defeat him. They left us hanging like that. I won’t say I have high hopes with the sword, but it’s really entertaining to watch them converse like this now. Maybe about time.

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