AHS Actress Sarah Paulson Talks her After Awards Eating Habits

I bet you also wonder how stars prep for the Emmys. There’s so much more pre ceremony action than what actually happens on stage. Celebrities post pre Emmy pictures on social networking sites and it’s really entertaining and intriguing to know the hustle and bustle before the curtains roll up.

The 39-year-old Best Actress Emmy Nominee Sarah Paulson was caught up by E!News at the 2014 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party in Los Angeles.  The delightful star who is nominated for the Best Actress Emmy in a TV Movie or Mini-Series for her brilliant portrayal of Cordelia Foxx in American Horror Story: Coven dished on her pre and post-Emmy ritual. Not only is Sarah Paulson’s demeanor incredibly real, it’s also downright refreshing as she criticizes other celebs who claim they don’t diet for the Emmys.

Don’t expect Sarah Paulson to follow any kind of diet routine after the award show air. The American Horror Story actress, spoke to E! News about all the food that she can’t wait to get her hands on once the award show is over.

“When it’s over it’s all about eating,” the three-time Emmy-nominated actress candidly admitted.  And as for her food of choice? The witty actress boasted, “French fries, salt and vinegar potato chips, some kind of chocolate bar, a donut, ice cream- I’m hungry! all of the things that are quote unquote forbidden.” That right there instantly triggered my appetite for junk food.

As for what she’ll do on the day of the ceremony, she says, “I’ll probably eat a very big breakfast. I really like to eat,” she bluntly explains, before adding, “I’ll probably go to the gym.” She also takes a hilarious jab at other starlets who claim that they diet by breastfeeding or pigging out before the awards.

“People who say they don’t do that and they’re like I was out just hanging out with my friends eating a waffle and you’re like No you weren’t. No one eats a waffle before they go to the red carpet. Stop lying! And you didn’t lose all the weight by breastfeeding! Let’s just start talking about the truth: we’re all dieting and the food is being delivered, folks. That is how it happened. Period. End of story. I just can’t stand it, Oh it burns so many calories breastfeeding.” We don’t expect her to be silly, but we’re getting a right hook on the jaw.

As far as how the actress feels regarding the award show, she says that the thing she is most nervous about is walking in her high heels. All the ladies must feel likewise, after we’ve seen so many tipped and even fell, hello Jennifer Lawrence.”All I’m thinking about is the drive and the amount of walking that’s going to happen in the high shoes from where we get dropped off to when we go inside the ceremony,” she explained.

Whatever is down at the Emmy’s, this lady right here will certainly bring it on!

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