American Horror Story: Hotel – Room Service | S5-E5

AHS-room-service-alexAlthough not a great episode, Room Service is not a bad episode either. It pushes the story along, and gives us some of the seasons more disturbed plot points.

Alex is back at the hospital to treat the mumps boy, although she isn’t feeling well after being turned into a blood sucker.

After sucking down some bags of plasma from the blood bank, she seems to regin her composure. It seems for a second that she allowed herself to be transformed so that she could try a devise a cure for the vampirism. We see her draw her own blood and hope she is about to go all science montage. Alas our hopes are quickly thwarted when she gives her blood to the mumps boy who was almost dying.

This leads to his miraculous recovery, quick discharge from the hospital, and eventual murder of his parents before heading off to school for Halloween.

american-horror-story-school-massacreWhy would a pre-teen year old boy be so eager to go to school after killing his parents? I know I would have stayed home and watched cartoons. Because he has a little girlfriend, that is why. He soon turns her into a vampire as well, and after killing their teacher, they turn the whole class into vampires. This turns into a disturbing AHS style school massacre that seemed to have slipped under the radar of all the people that get offended by everything these days. (I guess all the pro trans, pro gay, pro vax stuff gave them a pass on the school massacre thing.)

Meanwhile, Iris’s son takes her to see Romona for her all to brief inclusion in this weeks episode (Which is more then we can say for James March, who was sadly absent from this episode). Romona recruits Iris to help her get revenge on the Countess.

John tells his boss at the police force about the previous episodes events, and gets fired. I guess that is what happens when a cop tell his boss he had dinner with a bunch of dead serial killers…

ahs-room-serviceIris heads back to the Cortez and has drinks with cross dresser guy (who isn’t gay). He tells us his backstory (which is weak, and why they waited 5 episodes to share it with us). Needing to feed, Iris kills a couple annoying hipsters (which may be the most satisfying event of the episode).

John wakes up after a drunken sexcapade with Sally. And Alex comes back to the hotel to sleep in a big glass coffin with Holden. (what happened to Alex and Johns Daughter?)

Overall, this episode seemed like filler. They threw in some shocking scenes, and a bit of story progression, but mostly just made it to fill up the episode allotment for the season. If you are binge watching the season, this episode is where you make a snack.

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