Sleepy Hollow: The Art of War | S3-E7

The 7th episode of Sleepy Hollows third season proves to be one of the better episodes we have witnessed so far this year. We have monsters, we have danger, we have purpose, and we have everyone working together.

The episode opens with Abbie and Ichabod playing chess. Ichabod recites some Sun Tzu, before complaining about not knowing what Pandora is up to. Abbie beats Ichabod before Reynolds who is off to a meeting in DC about the Nevins case interrupts them. He hands over the reigns (or the FBI on-call phone) to Abbie.

sleepy-hollow-the-art-of-warSpeaking of Nevins. He needs the shard (that is now inside Jenny), and he needs it badly. So much so, that he uses Pandora’s box to summon 3 Norse Berserkers to hunt her down and get it for him.

Jenny and Joe are down at the gym sparing in the boxing ring when Jenny starts glowing and her turns white. Joe freaks out a bit, and the two of them head off to consult Ichabod and Abbie. It is then that we find out that the Shard of Anubis was a binding stone, and that it was absorbed into Jenny when she touched it. We also find out that humans are not supposed to have that type of energy in them, and it will eventually kill Jenny.

The discussion is cut short when Nevins ‘ berserkers show up. Jenny gets all glowy again, and fends them off, but they seem to heal very fast. The group makes a run for it, and ends up in the underground tunnels where they make their way back to the archives.

The put Jenny in a Teutonic cell to keep the Berserkers from tracking her, Ichabod and Joe head off to try and defeat the Berserkers with Mistletoe… Berserkers like metal caves, and the closest thing Sleepy Hollow has to that is a junkyard garage (that looked more like a red brick cave, but whatever). The pair find the berserkers in the garage, and quickly realize that Mistletoe works about as well at killing berserkers as it does at getting your crush to make out with you around Christmas.

sleepy-hollow-s3-e7After regrouping, Ichabod figures out that Nevins must have change the summoning spell used to awaken the berserkers. Abbie begrudging allows him to go snoop around at Nevins to find out how he altered the spell.

Although tremendously shot, and beautifully lit, the “Ichabod snooping around Nevins place” scene was ultimately futile to the story and episode. Although Ichabod did retrieve the incantation Nevins used, it didn’t actually help them. Instead, Ichabod recalls a tactic used by Daniel Boone when faced with an unbeatable group of foes. He turned them against each other.

Joe, Abbie and Ichabod get some of Jenny’s blood, and head out into the woods. The attract the berserkers, and then repel from the trees behind them to dump a vial of Jenny’s blood on each of their backs. As a result, the three berserkers kill each other.

Of course then Nevins and his cohort Sophie show up to demand (at gunpoint) they bring him Jenny. Nevins is about to shoot Joe in the head when Sophie reveals she is an undercover FBI agent and takes down Nevins.

Meenwhile, Jenny has gone all glowy again and wandered to Pandoras’ place. She summons Pandora and the new baddie (who makes Pandora “look like a homeroom teacher”). The clock is ticking in Sleepy Hollow.

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