American Horror Story – Season 04 Episode 05

‘Pink Cupcakes’ Review

AHS-Freak-Show_612x380Jimmy is rehearsing for the show which he has earned according to the people of Jupiter. Maggie offers to read his palm and tells him that he needs to look out for a man who is not to be trusted. We can guess that she is referring to her  boss and she even advices Jimmy to leave and do something better with his life, considering how charming he was. Jimmy takes this as a sign of interest and attempts to kiss her, as she turns him down. Disappointed, Jimmy goes to call Dell for the show but doesn’t find him in his van. He instead has a moment with Desiree and unlike Maggie, she decides to go for it. In almost no time, Jimmy injures Desiree and when she is taken to the doctor, the examinations reveal that she is as much a woman as anyone else. There is no trace on manhood in her, as she and everyone else thought. Some hormonal instability caused some abnormalities in her body but she was a complete woman. The doctor also informs her that the bleeding was the result of the miscarriage of her recent conception. When she realizes that this means she had the chance to start a family with Dell, she sat there, stunned and hopeful.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY PINK CUPCAKES REVIEW SEASON 4 FREAK SHOW EPISODE 5 yumm []Danny’s mother, Gloria, finds her maid dead in the kitchen and Danny boy comes running pretending like he had no clue as to what had happened. His mother, however, knows better and it is not like Danny was putting any effort to sell his story. It is made very clear that he committed the murder in cold blood and he did not regret it even slightly. Danny visits a male strip club, actually more than that, and guess who he runs into, it’s none other than the strong old Dell! That is not even the best part. Dell is in there with Matt Boomer!! The two seem to be very fond of each other and at one point, Dell confesses his love for Andy. The freakishly strong man also gets very agitated, reflecting his possessiveness and htat cannot be easy to deal with in the line of business Andy is in. Dell leaves in anger and Andy is then joined by Danny. Danny takes Andy upto the clown’s van and stabs him to death. This was one of the hardest murder scenes of AHS to digest. Not one we wish to describe in words, you need to see it to get scared.ahs-freak-show-episode-5-pink-cupcakes

Dell, unaware of his boo’s eternal fate, has a heated argument with his wife Desiree when she confronts him about his history. She has been informed by Ethel about Dell being Jimmy’s father and Desiree is so angry that she leaves her husband. She says that earlier she felt that she was fated for such a dysfunctional marriage with her abnormal condition but now that she knows there is nothing wrong with her, Desiree wasn’t prepared to take it any longer. Dell feels threatened by the possibility of Desiree fixing herself with a mere operation and bullies the doctor to keep away from his wife. And to make sure that the doctor listens, Dell breaks his hands so that the surgery has no chance of occurring at all.

tumblr_nelmb0t4mC1tme8n3o5_500Maggie and her boss, Stanley, are planning to have something to show for in the gallery to enhance their position, and of course, their pay. Maggie bargains an additional 10 percent for staying with the freaks. Stanley makes his way into the Freak Show and tries to win Elsa over. He says that he works for the WBN and tries to lure Elsa in by telling her to imagine people all over watching her on their TV sets, all at the same time. You would think that it should work on her but surprisingly, she seems to be more against of the concept of television than anybody. After the embarrassing treatment of her performance, Elsa had agreed to let her show run on TV and she asks Stanley about his plans for her. tumblr_nemlqfbzey1qgtl4po1_500Soon enough, Elsa realizes that Stanley is interested in the semese twins and this will result in them stealing her spotlight yet again. While Stanley on the other hand is dreaming of murdering the twins and displaying their corpse at the gallery to earn himself fame and fortune. Unaware of the fact, Elsa takes the twins on a ride and hands them over to the Motts.

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