Beharie Discusses The Episode ‘Mama’ and Abbie’s Potential Love Life

Nicole Beharie’s Take On Abbie’s Mr. Right

Nicole Beharie spoke about the upcoming episode of Sleepy Hollow with BuddyTV. The next episode, called ‘Mama’ is going to have a lot of information about the origin of the Mills girls and we are sure to encounter Mommy Mills too.  Beharie stated, “They basically have to go back into their past and [deal with things] they don’t necessarily want to revisit,” Beharie continued, “They end up finding out that there’s a reason why they were basically dragged through the mud as children in order to get them to this point, where Abbie’s a witness and Jenny’s this amazing, kickass, know-it-all, know all things occult, PhD level specialist.” The episode will contain deep dark secrets about Abbie’s history. Beharie states, “We’re definitely…going to see a lot more of the sisters really being close and working together. That’s one of the huge things that happens in this episode. You’ll see them butting heads, but not in the same way as last season.” The sisters need more bonding time as we have seen very less of that this season. Besides, the cause for their fate is to be revealed. Nicole Beharie mentions, “You find out that there’s a legacy that this family has.”

208SH_Ep208HeartlessScn13_5247_f_hires1Beharie also talked about Abbie’s potential future love interest and stated, “The nature of Hawley’s character is he’s an arms dealer…but I think that slowly the witness pair, Crane and Abbie, are both working on pulling on his heartstrings. She knows what he wants, and he knows what she wants, and they just kind of barter and bargain so they both get at least a semblance of what they’re looking for. She is the one that’s being really focused this year, and maybe she just has to wait for the right guy.”

She emphasized more on the destined doom the town of Sleepy Hollow is approaching towards. She says, “”We definitely go back to biblical storytelling, especially when it comes back to the Headless Horseman and the Apocalypse. They’re [Abbie and Ichabod are] trying to get ahead of Henry and Moloch. You see them planning and…doing all the little things that you would do to win a war,” like having Katrina in the house. They’re back on track. I don’t necessarily think we’re going to be exploring what happened in purgatory, but there’s a hell of a lot of fighting coming up that I think is as dynamic and you’ll get to see the witnesses come together and sort of discuss a little bit about their battle wounds, but not from purgatory.”

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