American Horror Story: Season 4, Episode 09

‘Tupperware Party Massacre’ Review

1225449As the episode begins, we see Maggie performing some fortune telling for Dandy while in a flash back we get to see more than she can. Apparently, Dandy has been busy playing with puppets and he seems to have casted his mother’s corpse and the head of another woman’s to play the role of Dot and Bette. By the end of the fortune telling, Maggie states that Dandy will be able to carry on doing whatever he is may be doing and assuming that Maggie has the slightest hint of what she is talking about, Dandy feels relieved and thanks her with a hundred dollar note. While he is on his way out, Dandy is whistling, which catches the attention of Jimmy, who then accuses him of being the ‘other clown’ and a killer. Quite unmoved by the accusation, Dandy calls Jimmy a drunk and moves on.American-Horror-Story-Sarah-Paulson

With the help of a note Elsa and Stanley found at Ethel’s place, they are able to track the twins down. They try to convince them that the twins are safer with them than anywhere else and Dot is obviously doubtful. Elsa then throws her a bone saying that the doctor she wanted to separate them is on his way and that being all Dot cares about, gets her on board but at the same time, Bette is clearly disappointed. We understand from later scenes that Elsa was not completely okay with the idea of the twins operation but after some convincing from Stanley, she reconsidered her views.

Jimmy, clearly devastated at the loss of his mother, hallucinated and has a conversation american-horror-story-episode-408-finn-wittrock-gabourey-sidibewith her who tells him to straighten himself out and stop entertaining the kitty party women and after he leaves, Dandy arrives at the place, claiming that his car broke down right outside and he wished to make a call. After a while, the owner of the house returns to find his wife and her girlfriends floating dead in the pool, courtesy of Dandy. Back at home, Regina, the daughter of Dora, comes to visit Dandy when she learns that he killed her mother and his too. After asking Regina to stay as family with him, she freaks out and Dandy decides to let her go while claiming to be above and beyond the law, claiming to be god. Regina takes the next logical step by bringing in a police officer to the house. After hearing the accusations against him, Dandy makes the cop an offer he couldn’t refuse. The police officer shoots Regina in exchange of a million dollars. Million dollar murder, but seems like this won’t be the only one. Dandy might just have earned himself a minion. And now, the student shall become the teacher.american-horror-story-episode-408-michael-chiklis

Ashamed and tired of his lifestyle and his desires, Dell decides to end his disgraced life and just as eh is about to hang himself after leaving a note for Jimmy, his dead wife shows up. Dell assumes that she had come to talk him out of it but instead, turns out that she is there to encourage him. Ethel calls him cowardly for not being able to go through with his suicide mission in a jiffy. Dell makes the attempt but after a while of suffering, Desiree comes to the rescue and save the day.

The twins get to talking about the operation and Bette understands that the operation will not leave both of them alive. So, Bette decides that she will sacrifice her life for that of her sister’s and make the path clear for at least one of them to have what they both desire,american-horror-story1 a normal life. Dot who realizes how selfish she was being all along, changes her mind about the operation and tries to live her dream while not pulling apart from her sister. The twins approach Jimmy and Dot offers him her unconditional love but he turns her down saying that he was in love with someone else. The twins leave but Jimmy is then taken away by the police accusing him with the murders of all the women from the kitty party, whom Jimmy was ‘entertaining’, and apparently they have hard evidence connecting to the scene of the crime. What will happen later with Jimmy remains to be seen.

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