American Horror Story – Season 4 Episode 13

‘Curtain Call’ Review

DandyDandy is fully ready to put up a show in his newly purchased Freak Show but he only obstacle is that there are no buyers. Not a single ticket is sold and it gets Dandy so pissed that he tries to discipline the freaks. This gets them so agitated and tired that they walk away, leaving Dandy at a freak crisis. Elsa on the other hand, is at the office of the president of the World Broadcasting Network trying to get a meeting but failing for a long, tiring amount of time which results in her hitting the assistant of the man.  During a tussle with the guard, Michael Beck interrupts and rescues Elsa from her woes. He is the junior vice president of casting and also a ray of hope for Elsa.AHSF-1.13-Jimmy

After his last humiliation from the freaks, Dandy has gone insane. He is roaming around the field with a gun, shooting every freak show performer at first sight. He kills everyone of them but Desiree manages to find a hideout and of course he keeps the twins alive, they are his favorite after all. Jimmy was not there at the time of the killing massacre and as he returns, he’s faced with bodies, all the faces he knew as his own, gone for good. He morns while he can and then Desiree fills him in on the details.

We don’t know about the funeral of the freak show members, but there is definitely a wedding ceremony in the picture. Dandy has married Bette and sure, Dot is thrown in, two for the price of one. But that’s not the end of it. american-horror-story-curtain-call1Apparently, the few remaining freaks have joined forces and tricked Dandy into sipping on a drink which gets him dizzy and they take him back to the tent. Trapped in a glass box, Dandy begs for his life when the box is gradually being filled with water. Jimmy, Desiree and the twins sit and watch as Dandy struggles to breathe and finally give up. It’s a cold murderous night, indeed.

Elsa is doing better. She has married Beck using her uncanny seductive techniques but she is certainly not entirely happy. She converses with Massimo Dolcefino where she admits of her unfaithful and unhappy marriage. american-horror-story-david-burtkaMassimo tells her that he loves him and they talk about running away but the idea is short lived as the doctor admits that he is suffering from a fatal lung disease. Meanwhile, Elsa’s videos, of losing her legs, have gotten out and her husband has witnessed them too. The videos would soon be revealed to the rest of the world. The same night, Elsa learns of the unfortunate death of the freak show companions. In the light of all this, Elsa decides to perform on Halloween, which is a suicidal act as we have learned after watching the Edward Mordrake episodes. He is a man who comes back from the dead to hunt for freaks who perform on the night of Halloween.

AHS_090214_0187_hires2We also witness that Desiree is married to Jefferson and has two children. Jimmy has married the twins and who are pregnant at the time. Elsa gives a singing performance when is surrounded by Mordrake and other dead freaks when she asks him to take her with him. Mordrake plunges a knife to her chest and says that her place isn’t with them even after she insists that she is the biggest freak of all. On the other side, Elsa is rejoined by the members of her old freak show. Elsa is welcomed with a warm hug from Ethel. It’s like we are in Elsa’s dream. She is finally happy and everything is just the way she wanted it to be. american-horror-story-freak-show_612x380A freak show, a full house, all her favorite performs and most importantly, herself as the show’s headliner. She has got it all. The only thing we would have appreciated would be an appearance from Pepper; she was after all, the closest to Elsa and a very essential part of the show. Any update on her would have been great but we do know that she is a part of another season of the show where her story is further stretched. So this was the end of Freak Show from Murphy and we we do have more seasons to come so stay with us.

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