Aunjanue Ellis Cast as Abbie’s Mom on Sleepy Hollow

Update for Sleepy Hollow fans! Sleepy Hollow season two is shifting from pops issues to mommy ones! I know you’ve been ecstatically curious of who would be chosen to play Lori Mills, let me cut it loose for you; the answer is Aunjanue Ellis, the Mentalist alum. She’s the late mother of Abbie and Jenny. We can’t wait to learn more about the secrets of the family.

In the series, because of Lori’s mental condition, sisters Abbie and Jenny are taken away from their mother as children and been at the custody of the state. Sooner, both will end up in foster care. The daughters accepted that their mother was an insane, far from stable and mostly dangerous for them. They also believed that their mother 16 years ago committed suicide while in the hospital’s mental ward. However, everything will change when Abbie and Jenny learned the absolute truth about their mother when new information emerges.

We caught up on the Season 2 that Lori Mills wasn’t a happy type of housewife. She had metaphysical inclinations and that made people to look on her as crazy and liar. Series star Nicole Beharie dazzled about the growing up character’s mother Lori Mills. She quote “So we find out more about why Abbie’s a witness and the torture Jenny has gone through.”

Aunjanue Ellis will appear in multiple episodes of the show. It’s really interesting on how would Lori enter the show. Is it by flesh? flashbacks?  Nightmares/dreams? I’d rather choose the flesh. We all want to have a good night sleep. Wouldn’t you?  Or maybe something more? Some supernatural explanation (since the deceased didn’t stop the character in popping on the show.) Or  the oh so best part “Mother is alive!”

Ellis will first appear on the midseason of the show

Previously announced season two additions are Sakina Jaffrey, Matt Barr, Heather Lind, and Timothy Busfield. Ellis will next star in the BET/E1 mini-series Book of Negroes.

Sleepy Hollow fans will surely mark their calendars for the return of Sleepy Hollow on September 22 at 9 p.m. on Fox. The 18 episodes for the second season would rather seem short for die hard fans.

Would the second season be a surprise hit with the first?

Pilling up with the scenes we want to see for the upcoming season is the horseman with the severed head. It’s hard out there and expect cool “foot soldiers”, Ichabod and Abbie! Hope they would be saved from those shivering doll houses and coffins. Will John Cho be back on the second season? He died on the pilot episode, but it didn’t stop him from showing up on the succeeding episodes.

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