Bates Motel – Season 03, Episode 02

‘The Arcanum Club’ Review

Bates_Motel_NormaAs we saw last week, Norman drives back to the motel in Annika’s car, without her. Considering the past traits of Norman and his weird obsessions, we think the girl is definitely in an inconvenient situation.

This week’s episode begins with Norma knocking on the door, waiting for Annika to open but after getting no response for a while, she peeks into the room, figuring out that not only was she missing, her bed did not even look slept in. Norma comes over to Norman while he is busy with his taxidermy. Norman bluntly lies about not seeing Annika last night and also asks Norma not to worry about it. Suspicious.

BatesMotel302-0379Norma asks Emma when she last saw Annika and Emma reveals that she saw her when Norman rode with her to give directions. Norma gets into the house and screams crazily for Norman lying to her. Seems like Norma already knows there is something terribly wrong. Norma states, “You can’t keep getting into cars with questionable women. Slutty. Oversexed. Crazy. Unhinged women seem drawn to you.” Norman tries to retaliate and defends Annika. Norma takes Norman to show her the bar where they drove to last night. Norma interrogates a bit and comes back to the car, empty handed. normal_3x02_1Norma says she doesn’t know how long she can keep doing ‘this’ but never clarifies on the statement. It’s obvious she is tired of being worried about what Norman has done and what he might do next.

Norman tells Norma he is going to be dating Emma and that automatically makes her happy. Norma looks at ease and hugs her son. Something about the hug was just unright. Norma still seems no less worried about Norman. Emma suggests to Norma that they look into her room for any leads. There Norma finds an invitation to an Arcanum Club. Bates-Motel-The-Arcanum-Club-3x02-promotional-picture-bates-motel-38292615-965-643Upon asking Emma, Norma learns that it was an exclusive hunting club. Norma takes the invitation card with her and the girls sneak out.

Romero is finally leaving the motel and looks the goodbye us hard for both Norma and him. After one long hug, Romero is leaving, just when Norma rushes in front of his moving vehicle and tells him that she always felt safe with him around.

Bates-Motel-The-Arcanum-Club-3x02-promotional-picture-bates-motel-38292593-965-643Dylan seems to have formed a new group, consisting of Caleb, Gunner and himself. A dog comes and as their pet gets in a fight with it, Caleb shoots the other dog dead. Chick Hogan comes looking for his dog and turns out he is their neighbor. Dylan and Caleb refuse to admit that they ever saw his dog. Dylan and Caleb go back to Chick’s property and he offers them to work together with him to grow weed. Caleb threatens him to stay away from their property and says that they would do likewise.

Norman and Emma are on a date night and he asks her whether she felt bad after sex. Bates-Motel-The-Arcanum-Club-3x02-promotional-picture-bates-motel-38292613-965-643Smooth. Emma normally talks about it whereas Norman seems to be put off by the idea of sex. Emma mentions that because his mother tries hard not to let Norman grow up. And having sex makes him feel guilty because of that very reason. Norman gets into his crazy excited form and we’re now worried for Emma. Is the feeling after sex so bad for him that he kills the women afterwards?

Norma tries to get into the party at the Arcanum Club but doesn’t have the password so she is refused entry. She drives away but then comes back and sneaks her way in. Bates-Motel-The-Arcanum-Club-3x02-promotional-picture-bates-motel-38292583-965-643She peeks into one of the windows and finds out that there were a lot of weird sexual activities going on there. Romero finds her there and Norma admits that she came there looking for Annika who was missing. She also says that Norman was the last person who saw her. Romero sends her home telling her that he would look into it. On her was back, Norma crashes the bypass signs and screams bloody murder. Norma gets home, hugs Norman and cries when he tells her that he is worried about her. Right at the end of the episode, we discover that there is a dead body, floating at the river. Could this be Annika’s body? Or is it some other girl? We’ll have to wait till the next episode to find out.

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