End In Mind For Bates Motel

By: Kh Ishrar

Show’s Producers Talk About Bates Motel and Psycho Climax

bates3Bates Motel has successfully triumphed over the initial obstacles, criticisms for being a prequel of the eternally famous Psycho and pressure of keeping the standards upto Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece and has received its well acclaimed recognition. The best quality of Bates Motel is that, despite being extensively based on an ages old horror-thriller, it has never failed to maintain its originality. The show does not reflect largely on its source, in fact, it is fresh and unique, which is what causes the exemplary success rate of the show. But there is one factor which will be inevitably drawn from Psycho, the final destination of Norman Bates, right? Wrong! And here’s why.

Bates Motel - Season 1Bates Motel is not necessarily headed the same direction as Psycho as the show’s EP, Carlton Cuse, in an interview with ibtimes, says, “We don’t want to do a literal version of what is in the movie because I think that would be anti-climactic.” While the co-executive producer, Ehrin called the idea of the direct adoption of Psycho’s climax, “super lame.”

And indeed, it would be very unfortunate if we have to undergo redundant repetition of the movie. The newness of Bates Motel and its originality is what has kept us hooked to it thus far. But the end is inescapable and we all have an idea of what it might look like. Cuse also stated, “It’s not like a ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ where there’s always another doctor or patient in the hospital. We want to get to the end here.” We might now be certain of the literal climax but it can be envisioned. And by the looks of to, the producers might also have an end plan in mind. While Cuse termed it as just being “good” and mentioned “It will be part of our own unique world of our story” Ehrin mentioned that it would be “super fun to dig into.”

Cuse went on to say, “This is not a show that should run for 10 years. We feel like this year we’ll have a pretty good sense of when it should end – a couple more seasons, perhaps. I would hope we would work it out with Universal and A&E and actually be able to tell the audience how much longer is left.” Awesome, so we get to know for how long the show is going to be around by the end of this season! The more the merrier, we say. Also, since the producers know where they Bates-Motel-Paley12-550x322are going with the story, it is likely for the show to be more composed and well versed as they have a clear vision of the far-fetched future.

It’s great to know that the show is headed somewhere, hopefully somewhere unimaginably exceptional. The third season of Bates Motel will appear before us in 2015, somewhat halfway through the year (seems so far away!). We can’t wait for the upcoming season, filled with suspense and drama. But until the show airs again, stay close to us for the latest news, updates and advances on Bates Motel. Follow us on Facebook and @Twitter for daily dose of Bates Motel and your other favorite shows.

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