What to Expect Next Season on Sleepy Hollow

2013 was a huge year for TV as many new shows have proven themselves entertaining. One of the new shows that have shaken up TV the last year is none other than Sleepy Hollow. The original story is already interesting, but for the present day viewers, the writers of the show have put a new spin on the already captivating story. What the show did was take Ichabod Crane and The Headless Horseman from their original time and transport them to the present. They’re still in Sleepy Hollow, but the “time shift” has made the show both original and truly appealing.

And I’m not just the only one that thinks Sleepy Hollow is amazing. The show is a hit and has fulfilled its 13 episode order. They are currently on a winter break but will return on the 13th of January for more demon and monster bashing. They will air the finale on the 20th and it will be a 2 hour special, so be sure to mark your calendars. After the 20th, it will be a long wait until we see the charismatic duo of Crane and Leftenant Mills again. But don’t worry, I have you covered. To start, here are some thing of what you can expect on Sleepy Hollow season 2 fresh from Mark Goffman, executive producer and show runner of the hit program.

When asked about how he feels about lengthening season 2 he said that “I don’t know. My head would explode,” while laughing at the proposed longer season. Fox is committed in airing at least 13 episodes of Sleepy Hollow. An extension would be at hand since the show is such a hit be nobody can confirm just yet.

*SPOILER ALERT* before you go any further, make sure you have watched all episodes of Sleepy Hollow.

When asked about Jeremy and the chance that he can be revived.

Yeah. One of the great things about this show is that dead doesn’t always mean gone. The important thing in this episode for us was really for Ichabod to have closure with what happened to his son. In the episode prior, it was the first time that he ever learned that he had a son. And I think it was really about, for us, all of the feelings it had stirred up in him, knowing that he and his wife did have a son, this family that he had always dreamed of.”

When asked about the Coven and its potential to return in future episodes.

Well, it remains to be seen just how many of the witches are still around. The Revolutionary War took a major toll on the coven and a lot of the supernatural forces that were around. In this episode, we saw that the Four Who Speak of as One still had been around but they were in hiding, in a way. In the pilot, we saw Reverend Knapp, who was around during the Revolutionary War. He was another warlock who was killed protecting the secret of the Headless Horseman’s head. Unfortunately they’re a dying breed, but we’ll see how they get to interact and how many more of them are around.

When asked about the addition of Revolutionary War stories on Season 2.

“Absolutely. The Revolutionary War lasted seven years. We set up that Crane’s been in the country for about 10 years, so he was there before the revolution started. There are just incredible events, and we like to start from the premise of what we know or things we may have heard about, like Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride. And then we tell part of the true story, [as with] Roanoke, and we get to give the “Sleepy Hollow” version of what happened next. Whether it’s the Liberty Bell or the Boston Tea Party, there’s some really terrific events in the Revolutionary War that I’m excited to get to play out.”

This season, we saw a bit of the Boston Tea party, will there be more on season 2?

I think there’s more to that event, and there’s more to see in Boston — the Boston Massacre and several other events that led up to the war, to “the shot heard around the world.”

How about the Liberty Bell?

Yes. There will be something with that. I can’t say which season, but that’s something we’re planning. We do a lot of research on the war and we have biographies of a lot of the founding fathers. And there are actually some really interesting true facts that are going to come to light about George Washington. [He was famous] not just for being a cartographer, but for being a leader in spycraft in the time, and he started something called the Culper Ring, which had spies all throughout Manhattan during the war.

On the relationship of Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills, is it possible that they’ll have a relationship stronger than friendship?

Well, I think we really have to first identify that we’re in the middle of — or not even in the middle, we’re at the very early stages of an apocalyptic reality for these characters. They are dealing with an incredible amount of change in their lives and in the possible change of life as we know it. And so I think romance, to some extent, takes a back burner to that.

In addition, we still have Ichabod, who’s madly, deeply in love with his wife, trying to understand who she really was, now that it’s come out that she’s a witch and she had a number of secrets that she had to keep from him. There’s a lot of reconciliation that needs to [happen] there.

Right now [Ichabod and Abbie] are there for each other in this incredibly heightened time in their lives. And that’s most important, because look, they’re also very different people and I think as they get to know each other, we’re going to get to see that they have a lot of differences as well as similarities in value systems, cultures, the worlds that they come from. And so all that I think is going to be great to explore. It’s going to be hopefully a long time that these two characters get to know each other better and we get to experience all of their trials with them and see what happens with Katrina. Abbie even has a former love interest. So I think there’s still a long way to go.

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