Looking Into The Past And The Future Of Sleepy Hollow

One Look Back At The First Season

With the second season of Sleepy Hollow set to release on the very next month, it seems like the perfect time to jog our memories a little and recall the blasts from the pasts of the prior season. Below is the video which precisely tells the whole story of Season 01 and if you are one of the many who has yet to unveil the premiere season or is hazy about the details, simply dig in and enjoy.


The show originated with the rising of Ichabod Crane, who woke up from the dead after two and half centuries only to find out that he was destined to fight the single most dangerous battle against the demons and horsemen of the apocalypse. And that isn’t the end of surprises. Crane also figures out that that his wife and the one true love of his life was a witch (outside his knowledge, of course) and is currently stuck in purgatory, under the command of Moloch, the child sacrificing demon and the greatest enemy to Crane. Ichabod Crane is partnered with Abbie Mills, who is the second witness of the apocalypse. Together they have tried to come a long and have fought against several of Moloch’s minions and won. However, no victory yet was significant enough to terminate Moloch.

Just when things had started to look brighter for the witnesses on the show, the sudden emergence of the second horseman, in addition to the Horseman of Death was a major drawback for the evil fighting duo of Sleepy Hollow. Not only did the demons leave some of the most influential characters on the show, Abbie’s sister Jenny, Captain Irving, Ichabod’s wife Katrina, Abbie and Ichabod at the verge of getting extincted, there was another revelation that took the whole viewership of Sleepy Hollow by shock. It finally turned out that the second horseman, the Horseman of War, is the son of Ichabod and Katrina. Katrina abandoned him as an infant, in order to keep him safe, but instead he fell in the hands of Moloch (the irony!), who took him and turned him into the most dangerous threat to his parents, Sleepy Hollow and the entire world.

The first season was full of drama and we expect no less than that from the upcoming second one. Now that we are brought to speed, let’s get a jump start on the second season of Sleepy Hollow with these two great clips.


The best part about this clip is that it reflects how the show will not fail to drop some light-hearted comedy upon is amongst the tense and fearful plot. The clip shows that Ichabod notices the pen chained up in a bank and questions how they expect the public to entrust them with their finance when the bank cannot trust the people with a simple pen. The clip also shows how Ichabod freaks out over the idea of a credit card. He says, “It is this kind of gross invitation to indulgence that mocks the power of the invisible hand to foster the true wealth of nations.” Now that is some strong opinion! Kudos, Crane.


In this clip we see an immensely interesting and informative scene. We see Ichabod and Abbie trying to reincarnate a body and give life to a creature called The Kindred. They use the head of the headless horseman for this purpose. At the same time, Katrina has a conversation with headless (although, she alone sees his as Abraham; some witchy trick) trying to talk him out of killing Crane. She mentions that the witnesses are not meant to die in the hands of the horseman and Abraham replies by saying that the apocryphal are dubious texts which have been proven to be false on several occasions. Thus, he gets on his horse and gallops away. Quite obviously, ending up facing Ichabod and Abbie who have a surprise for him. See for yourself and decide whether or not you like the surprise!

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