Lyndie Greenwood Gives Us More Reasons To Get Hooked With ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 02

Lyndie Greenwood Talks About What Sleepy Hollow Has in Store For Jenny Mills In The All New Season

3b0553414447fdc6441fd0456f3fbb5cNow viewers of Sleepy Hollow, could we be happier with the big bang beginning of the show’s second season? I guess not. For those of you who haven’t yet had the time to dive into it, drop what you are doing and go indulge yourself with the pure brilliance of the show. I will not give many spoilers as it’s still fresh and we don’t even have the second episode in hand yet. But the show begins with a surprise and leaves you with an all new sensation of hope.

Today, we’re here to discuss about Jenny. Again, the first episode, alone, has much to offer about her. But even before the inception of the second season, Lyndie Greenwood conversed about the show with SheKnows and said, “The level of intensity is high. They could use some wine for stress relief.” This makes much more sense to me now that I have watched the premiere episode of season 2. Greenwood adds, “The first episode, for sure, is a really good one for Jenny. And the one we’re shooting right now, [Episode 9], is going to be really awesome. Episode 9 is a big episode for the sisters and gives more of their backstory.” Can’t wait! We know very little about Jenny’s history from season 1, which had hardly enough time to focus fully on the witnesses of the apocalypse and the life-on-earth-threatening demons. All we know is that Jenny was separated from her sister and considered mentally ill until Sheriff Corbin saw the brave and honest woman in her. She went for various ventures ever since and she has more knowledge about the nearing end of days than anybody else. But we also did see her getting possessed by a demon and there is no reason why we wouldn’t want to know how all that started. We know the purpose of Abbie 1.11-1and Ichabod as they are both witnesses. However, the purpose for Jenny being related to all this is yet to be revealed. Hopefully, this season will enhance the significance of Jenny’s character as well.

Lyndie actually mentioned the demon possession scene and said, “One of my favorite [scenes] was when Jenny was possessed. I always wanted to play possessed, so I kind of got to check that off my bucket list, it was really fun.” That was a very credible scene indeed. And awesome was the scene where Irving’s little girl gets possessed by the same demon and is up in the air. We couldn’t say no to more of that in season two. Ideas here, Sleepy Hollow writers!

Sleepy-Hollow-Promotes-Two-Cast-Members-To-Series-RegularsGreenwood insists, “There are some good scenes for Jenny this year. One of them is in the first episode, [which was] a lot of fun. And one is in Episode 5. It’s the only scene that Jenny has in that episode, but it’s a good one.” The sisters’ factor was essentially highlighted in the first season and Greenwood mentions, “Finding that love again in that family is not something that either of them is going to let go of very easily. So I think it would take something extremely drastic to tear the sisters apart at this point. Of course, there will always be rivalries, and there will always be bickering, but from now on I think there’s just going to be a lot of love between the two.” Sounds good. We did get enough clash-of-the-sisters dose from the first season and guess we can live without that in this one. We are eagerly waiting for the rest of the episodes and until then, keep up with us and the amazing show, Sleepy Hollow.

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