Lyndie Greenwood And The Badass Character Of Jenny Mills

Lyndie Greenwood On Her Similarities & Differences With Jenny Mills

ghjgugAll sleepy heads shall rise as the premiere date of Sleepy Hollow’s second season is no more than a few days away. We have more concerns than we can count thanks to the cliffhangers that the show left us with by the inconclusive grand finale of Season 01. Practically all our favorite characters are in some sort of trouble. And one of the characters whom we are overly concerned about is Jenny Mills. The first season ended with her inside a crashed car and we were clueless as to whether she would even survive or not. But as time went by and the spoilers came raining on us, the bright side to things came to live. We are now assured that Lyndie Greenwood is to return as Jenny Mills for the sophomore season of Sleepy Hollow.

Lyndie Greenwood spoke up about Sleepy Hollow, the show, and the character of Jenny Mills to Star News Online, which we will be discussing today. In a show full of so many demonic characters, must be hard to not get freaked out every once in a while. Greenwood shares one such experience and says, “It was dark outside and all of a sudden this acolyte comes up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder and I screamed so loud. They are scary in person, especially when you don’t expect them to be there.”

10346196_911863478828448_505535034671745733_nCanadian actress Lyndie Greenwood, along with John Noble, is promoted to series regular on Sleepy Hollow and we can hope to see more about Jenny’s background as her mother is about to be introduced this season. Greenwood explains, ““We learned a little about her past (in those first few episodes), as it relates to Abbie and their experience in the woods,” Greenwood said. “But there is this big chunk of Jenny’s life that we have missed, and I continue to get tidbits of that as we move forward. I still get really excited to learn about who Jenny is.”

Greenwood explains about her part in the show and says, “I did a lot of work on the show last year but having a more permanent place is nice. It gives you a sense of security, whether that is false or not. It is very nice to feel like a part of the family but I think, as an actress in the TV world, you never really feel that secure.” Greenwood goes on and says, “I don’t know if Jenny has the social skills necessary to feel part of a group,” Greenwood said. “But she is learning and adapting to being part of this one.”

ku-xlarge (2)Lyndie Greenwood studies martial arts for around 10 years and fitness is a big part of her routine. Even though she has put her days of martial arts training behind her, prioritizing her fitness remains essential, especially since she plays such a butt-kicking role in the Sleepy Hollow.

Greenwood speaks about staying fit and states, “I really love to be able to use my body in any way. I love to workout, I run and hike many times a week.” She adds, “We’ve seen a lot of Jenny being tough, but it would be neat to see what makes her tick in other ways. But I just want the writers to continue what they are doing. I’m just excited to see where they go with it. I hope that the monsters continue to get scarier and awesomer.”

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