Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Spoilers Round Up

Season One of Sleepy Hollow was such an entertaining take on the Washington Irving short story. The people behind the show are already preparing for the 2nd season and based from what we’re hearing, the next installments are going to be bigger and better. Here’s what we know so far:

Abbie Mills is trapped in a dollhouse in purgatory. If you’re wondering how she’s going to get out, then you’re not alone. “The question is, is she going to find her way out herself, or is somebody going to help her out? Abbie’s a pretty self-reliant person,” said co-creator Alex Kurtzman.

A new family member from the Mills family is going to be introduced and a new character might possibly show up to help Ichabod and Abbie. Are they the same person? Maybe.  “I don’t want to give away too much,” says executive producer Len Wiseman. “But there’ll be another important character coming in the second season.”

With Katrina out of purgatory and walking the plane of the living, she’s going to wonder why Ichabod and Abbie are so close. “It’s something that is very real. He’s spent a lot of time with Abbie, creating this bond, and their relationship has been a very tricky one in terms of the emotions involved between the two of them,” said Wiseman. “So that’s definitely something that Katrina’s going to wonder, ‘Where does that relationship lie?,’ wouldn’t you think? Once you get past the ‘Thank you for saving me from Purgatory and thank you for saving me from the demons and from being dragged down to Hell, but can we please talk about that woman you were hugging?’”

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 will get bigger in terms of territory since they will be travelling out of Sleepy Hollow from time to time. ”It is the beginning of expanding the reach of the storytelling. Also, not just for the mythology and evil coming to town, but Ichabod seeing the rest of the world is just a fascinating thing to do,” he says. “He’s only seen [so little] of our modern society through the lens of a town that resembles his own town to a great degree, except more Starbucks. Opening it up is absolutely something we hope to do.”

There will be more Henry Parish, or Jeremy as John Noble the actor has been made a series regular. Same goes for Abbie’s sister Jenny who is played by Lyndie Greenwood.

There will also be other new characters according to Mark Goffman. “We actually do plan to introduce some new characters. One of the big goals, which goes along with the idea of war in Sleepy Hollow, is that we need to populate the town more. So we expect to build out and get to know more of the town of Sleepy Hollow and that will definitely mean bringing in some more characters. And some of them, I think, will be supernatural.”

Andy Brooks will also be likely be brought back from the dead. “He’s so beloved and such a fantastic character,” Goffman said. “I really hope that he’s able to return. I think there’s still more to tell both in the past about his story with Abbie and I think there’s still some more that he can do as a character looking for reception but stuck because he sold his soul. I think there’s still some really fun stuff we can do with him.”

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