Orlando Jones Admires Sleepy Hollow Fan Fiction

Orlando Jones On Sleepy Hollow Fan Fiction And His Character On The Show

imagesWe know about Sleepy Hollow, we practically love the show. But how about the fan fiction which we come across every now and then? The fan fictions are created by the loving fans, often with pure appreciation. But how do you think the stars react to such fan-fictions? In a recent interview, Orlando Jones gives some answers regarding the factor. He states, “I’m of the opinion that we are in a fantasy world. I’m playing a character that’s fake and it’s really exciting to see the different facets and nuances of other stories that other people want to tell. So I think all of the fan fiction is legitimate and really cool because they approach a character in a way that I may have never thought of. Or they come up with a storyline that I’m like, ‘Really? That’s crazy.’ … So I think fan fiction is kind of fun because I get to meet cool artists along the way.”

orlando-jonesAnd since Orlando Jones loves the fan-fictions, he surely enjoys every bit of the show. He shares about his admiration for Sleepy Hollow and says, “For me, what I like about (the show) is that it’s a mix of genres. It’s historical. It’s biblical. It’s got a mythology. It’s kind of funny. There’s a lot of action, and then it’ll scare you to death all at the same time. That mix of things to me kind of never allows me to get bored. That’s what I like about it, but I wonder what other people like about it. In fact, hit me up on Twitter and tell me.” This is for all us fans really, go ahead and let yourself be heard by Orlando Jones.

uploaded_file20131112-53425-xjg88n-Jones also shares a bit about his strengths as an actor. He says, “I’ve always looked at it as if I’m a storyteller. Sometimes a story has humour and sometimes it’s scary and has pathos and the like. But I started off doing ‘Othello.’ So it’s been an interesting journey in my career to be able to do comedy and drama and what have you and hopefully I’ve been able to consistently bring an interesting character. But (comedy and drama) are kind of the same thing. The timing’s just a little different.”

The first season of Sleepy Hollow ended with some massive cliffhangers. All of our favorite characters were left off at the verge of some terrifying destiny. The character of Jones, Captain Frank Irving, was not spared from the bad fate either. Irving was seen going to jail for murders he had not committed. Jones discusses his character and says, “Obviously going to jail changes a lot of elements for him, having formerly been a police officer,” he said. “And I think having been away from his family and knowing that his daughter is still in jeopardy on some level creates a lot of different things to have going on for that character in this season. (In this season) we kind of just dove into the story. It’s really fun now in Season 2, particularly because we’re doing 18 episodes as opposed to 13, to really explore more of those storylines.” With just a day to go, we hope the second season takes off to a height, higher than we can imagine.

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