Sleepy Hollow – Season 02 Episode 12

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-sleepy-hollow---15-After the long, long pause, Sleepy Hollow is finally back from its mid-season hibernation. It seems that the show sympathizes with us and right at the beginning of the show, allegedly lets us know that our favorite characters are doing just fine! Look out for spoilers on your way as you read ahead.

At the start of the episode, we are glad to let you know, that Ichabod, Abbie, Jenny and Katrina wale up to no alleged danger and there is absolutely no sign of Henry or the remains of Moloch. There is a six-week time jump from that night and luckily, the witnesses are still together. Orions-beltClearly, Ichabod is paranoid as he cuts open an apple in the fruit market to find worms and deduces that something evil is at play. He is desperate but can we blame him? Every crazy thing till now has indicated the arrival of something evil was coming their way but now things are bound to differ as the root, Moloch, is out of the picture. The witnesses have a long conversation about their need to ‘reinvent’ themselves as they cannot figure out a way to identify themselves without the ‘witness tag’.

Just when they are struggling to accept the life of an average person, they find trace of what they were looking for, demons. The demons were chanting to reincarnate their master but in the nick of time, a savior flies in and saves the witnesses from the demons. Orion, the man with the wings, is apparently, an angel. He is a new face and after learning that he was stuck in purgatory until he managed to escape after the fall of Moloch, the witnesses come to an understanding with him. Abbie stays back, to watch over the angel, while Ichabod responds to an emergency alert from his wife.

a8dfb14c20574db7cdbd248ca77e285eKatrina, on the other hand, is still on project headless. She is keen on squeezing information form Abraham and she wishes to separate him from his horseman avatar, or so she says. Katrina’s reunion with her husband is anything but romantic. As Ichabod arrives, she asks for a favor and it is to help her separate Abraham from his horseman duty. At that moment, elsewhere, Orion tells Abbie that other creatures who escaped purgatory are now trying to replace Moloch with Headless and trying to make him the new leader of darkness. Abbie lets the angel know that headless was their prisoner and Orion suggests that his weapon, the halo, is capable of killing the horseman. Unaware of the fact that this little mission is directly contradictory to Katrina’s new plan, Abbie agrees and takes Orion to the cell. There the angel is introduced with Katrina and as he acknowledges his intentions, Katrina hurries to Abraham and lets him free with the promise from him that he will not harm anyone in return of Katrina transforming into his human form.sleepy-hollow-212-3

So, headless is on the loose, Orion takes off with anger and the witness now bear the burden of tracking them both done. Jenny, with help from Hawley, is able to track the location of headless. Abbie uses the charm given to the angel to call upon him and as he arrives, the two head to the carriage house where the horseman apparently is. Before she can take off, Abbie gets a call from her fellow witness who tells her that something is fishy about the angel. Ichabod, skeptic towards the angel, mentions that Orion has a history of arriving before a number of apocryphal catastrophes and Ichabod worries that the angel has something to do with the inception of these calamities. In little time, Abbie learns of Orion’s obsessive nature. He admits that killing headless will give him the horseman’s powers with which he will be able to control universal ongoings. And Orion will not only kill horseman but he also plans on abolishing Katrina. Thus, just as Orion puts his weapon into the horseman, Abbie distracts him and Ichabod destroys the halo-like-weapon. Orion, clearly at loss of all power, escapes. dd658047acc84747c70befe36adf44cdHeadless lets the witnesses go after Katrina intervenes between him and Ichabod.

The major shocker for this episode was the return of the fallen. Apparently, Captain Irving is back from the dead, or something. “Heaven or hell?” he asks. A grocery store keeper replies, “Sleepy Hollow” which, in our opinion, might just turn to hell if the creatures are not taken care of. With Moloch gone, you would think things were going to be cooler but it’s far from that. The one disappointment from this episode was that Henry was nowhere in sight. He definitely had a lot in mind when he destroyed whom he called his master, his father. We are eager to hear his side of the story but looks like we’ll have to wait for a while.

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