Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman Talk about Sleepy Hollow

Just in case you didn’t know, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman created Sleepy Hollow together with Phillip Iscove and Len Wiseman. Aside from creating a new show that we’re all crazy about, they’re also the creative duo behind Star Trek, Transformers, and Fringe. For this post, they‘ll talk about what will happen to the characters of Sleepy Hollow for season 2.

Did you always know that Henry was going to be a villain?

Roberto Orci: We always knew that Henry (John Noble) was going to be the villain. We always knew it.

And the 2nd Horseman?

Roberto Orci: And the second Horseman, the Horseman of War no less.

So how will that affect the story in the future?

Roberto Orci: It means a heck of a weird family dynamic.

Alex Kurtzman: Yeah, it means that war has now come to Sleepy Hollow, so next season is going to be all about war. Obviously Abbie and Crane, hopefully they’ll survive what happened to them. If they do survive what happened to them, they’re going to be pretty angry.

Roberto Orci: And yet also how will war prey on their weakness? It is mom and dad after all, so what happens when your kid is a bad little kid who is older than you and who is War?

By any chance, are you writing the season 2 scripts?

Roberto Orci: Whichever one they invite us to do.

Alex Kurtzman: We’re actually breaking everything right now.

Roberto Orci: It’s a great writers room. We all come up with the stories together and then we don’t want to hog everything.

When can we see Frank Irving out of jail?

Alex Kurtzman: That’s a good question.

Roberto Orci: It’ll take a minute because he’s protecting his daughter and he’s got a big interest in not fessing up that his daughter, in a sense, even though she was possessed, committed murder. So he will go anywhere to protect his daughter obviously and that’s not going to be an easy moment for him. He’s going to suffer a lot. Have you told Orlando that?

Alex Kurtzman: I think Orlando just presumes that.

Bob Orci: Okay, good.

Everybody loved Orlando Jones’ campaign shirt to get Frank Irving out of jail.

Roberto Orci: It’s not going to work.

Talking about Ichabod Crane, is he more concerned on saving his wife or saving his son?

Alex Kurzman: Great question! Nice question. You’re all over it today.

Roberto Orci: What would you do? What do you do when your wife wants to redeem your son and maybe is willing to die to do it and yet you love your wife and of course you love your son? We’ve got to figure that out. Thanks for that homework.

Does it change the dynamic of Ichabod, Abbie, and Katrina when Jenny joins in on the mix?

Bob Orci: Jenny and Abbie are not related to these people so they may have a slightly different viewpoint. They are family, Jenny and Abbie, just like Katrina and Crane and Jeremy are family so there’s two families here now who have to figure out how they’re going to interact with each other. What are their responsibilities to each other? And they may come out on different sides of things.

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