Sleepy Hollow – Season 01, Episode 13

By: Kh Ishrar

Bad Blood

henry parishIchabod, Abbie and Jenny gather and wait for Henry Parish. As Parish enters the room, he reveals what he had witnessed in the previous night’s dream. In the dream, Moloch was standing in the forest, surrounded by the four white trees like those seen by the Mills sisters and he was raising a creature from beneath the ground. Parish also saw a horseman on the back of a red, fiery horse . As they recognized it as the second horseman of the apocalypse/the horseman of war, Ichabod recalled Moloch’s prophecy which said that the saint’s name is a sign and when they realized the meaning, war would take form. Henry mentions that it was a solar eclipse today and the Mills remember that exactly 13 years from now, it was solar eclipse too when they had first encountered Moloch in the forest. Henry concludes that this could not be any coincidence and that the second horseman was to emerge the very day.

headless horsemanAbbie goes to visit Irving when he has already been moved upstate but she receives a notebook he left for her, asking her to see the marked pages. It was a datebook which belonged to Corbin and revealed that he had some business with Reverend Knapp. When Abbie returns to her folks, Ichabod tells her that the second horseman could be stopped from rising by casting a spell on the soil underneath which the horseman of war rests. Ichabod goes on to say that Katrina, being the only undead witch they knew, was vital for their plan to be carried forward and finally reveals that he had recreated the map from his memory. Abbie is disappointed that Ichabod kept this information from her for so long. Abbie and Jenny have a little heart to heart when Jenny lets out her worry over the fact that her sister was going to the purgatory guarded by Moloch and with the other witness prophesied to hand her over to the enemy.

crane's fatherAs Abbie and Ichabod are on their quest to find the doorway to purgatory, Henry Parish warns them no to devour anything while they are in the purgatory. The witnesses enter the purgatory and Abbie wakes up in a cabin with Corbin and Andy while Ichabod wakes up in his homeland, with his father, in a world where he fought for the British, who apparently won the war. But just as Abbie is about to have a pie and Ichabod is about to drink with his father, they both realize that none of what they were experiencing was real and so the dream shatters and they move to a dark place.

purgatory The witnesses reunite and head to find Katrina. When they ask Katrina to go with tem she rejects the possibility by saying that the only way she could leave the purgatory without being granted forgiveness is if someone else took her place there. Ichabod agrees to stay but Abbie convinces him that she should rather be left in the purgatory and both Katrina and Ichabod promise that once they were done with their mission, they will be back to release her.

jenny millsJenny tries to follow the trails, left by Corbin, which leads her to a church and she finds a sign with a saint’s name but just as she is on the phone, trying to warn her sister, the headless horseman shoots her car, which turns over and she engages in a major accident.

Ichabod and Katrina enter the real world, while Abbie faces Moloch. Katrina manages to locate the ground under which the second horseman is supposed to be. Henry, Ichabod and his wife find the location with the four white trees. Katrina tries but fails to perform the binding spell as she feels nothing underneath the soil. And then comes the surprise! sleepy hollow bad bloodThe horseman arrives but instead of emerging from the ground he simply reveals himself. As it is none other than Henry Parish. Did not see that coming, did you? But there is more than that revelation. Henry is not only the second horseman of the apocalypse; he is also a vital part of the past life of Ichabod and Katrina, much like the first horseman. Henry is a tad bit closer to the couple as he is their only child. Yes, Henry Parish aka the horseman of war is Jeremy Crane. Upon his resurrection, he arrived at the church where he was abandoned as a child. There he found a sign with St. Henry Parish written on it and adopted that name. The very sign was what Jenny had found but before she could show it to everyone, she got in the accident.

jeremy craneAbbie tries to escape Moloch and eventually gets inside a dollhouse which she and Jenny played with as children. Abbie finds her younger self and her sister in a younger form in the house. Young Abbie tells her that this is where they always felt safe so Moloch will not be able to get in there.jeremy She also explains that they were Abbie’s and Jenny’s memories, taken away from them by Moloch and trapped in the purgatory. Young Abbie gives back the memory to today’s Abbie who then sees the blocked vision she had. Abbie sees Moloch raising a man from underneath the ground. Abbie realizes that it was the second horseman who had emerged the very day they had encountered Moloch for the first time. When she tries to escape from the house to help her people, her younger self says that there was no way out and that she was bound to stay there, forever.

craneJeremy, who has his parents tied to the white trees, says that he had waited in the hexed box for 200 years until his real father, Moloch came and rescued him. And then, arrives the headless horseman, Abraham, who has apparently won his prize as Jeremy gives him Katrina. Ichabod, however, has a very different destiny. Jeremy puts his father in the same box he had been trapped in for centuries and breaks the second seal, declaring the inception of war at Sleepy Hollow. Jeremy utters, “War isn’t coming to Sleepy Hollow, its been here waiting all along. And now it begins. Goodbye father.”


Quotable Quotes

Ichabod: “Judge a man not by the wear of what he wears, but by the where and how he wears it.”

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