Sleepy Hollow’s ‘Twistory’ With The History

Sleepy Hollow Is All Ready To Get Back With Full Force

10346196_911863478828448_505535034671745733_nWith only two between today and Sleepy Hollow’s premier date, we are more excited than ever to start over on our newest favorite show. Mark Goffman, the show’s executive producer said, “We really worked hard to find an opening story that was going to pay off all of the insanity that we had in Season 1, where we left our (characters) in true cliffhangers where their lives are in jeopardy.” Sleepy Hollow is likely to draw in brand new viewers and the producers are planning to design and carry out the second season so that the audiences who have never seen it before are also able to enjoy the show without much discrepancy. Goffman adds, “As you try to describe the premise of this show to people who have never seen it, it’s very difficult.”

SH promoOrlando Jones who plays Captain Frank Irving on the show says the show has a good blend of all genres. So, no matter what you are a fan of, there is something for everyone on Sleepy Hollow. Jones states, “I just thought I’d never heard of a show where all those genres come together in one place. The show is funny. For me, that’s what truly separates it from anything in this world before. We’ve all seen a one-off procedural before and they’re anything but humorous. Sometimes it’s the crazy lines that we have to say. You’re like, ‘There’s no way anybody is going to believe what we’re saying.’ And here we are chasing the horseman through this mystical cavern to get his magic sword. We’re all adults. And I think a large amount of the audience, they’re adults, so you have to really ground it and that can make it difficult to make it realistic.”

Abbie has come a long way from a skeptic to a hard core demon fighting witness of the apocalypse. The other witness, Ichabod Crane is played by actor, Tom Mison, speaks about the show and says, “There’s such a wealth of material to dive into. At the very beginning, they had the Freemasons , the Book of Revelation, Washington and all of his gang. They’d probably have to work very hard to be boring with all of that.”

sbdiugsgSleepy Hollow has been quite persistent on spicing up historical events as per requirement. We, as fans of the show, love that part. Especially the part when zombie Washington rises only to draw a map for Ichabod Crane. Mark Goffman speaks of that scene, “The true story may be that they tried to resurrect him. In the Sleepy Hollow version, they were successful. In our writers’ room, we call it twistory.” And what a twist it was!

This season will be no different, in terms of playing with the history. The twists shall continue in the same manner as the show will bring in another founding father, Benjamin Franklin and the character will be played by Timothy Busfield. These historical characters and stories are of special significance to one of the actors on the sets. British by birth, Tom Mison, says, “History lessons in England tend to dwell on the times we beat the French, not when we were beaten by the Americans,” he says. “So I didn’t know an awful lot.”

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