Ichabod Crane and The Fight Against Today

The first season of Sleepy Hollow might have ended but the fascination surrounding Ichabod Crane’s ‘fight’ against the present world is still alive and well. There’s a lot of things to discuss after what happened on the finale, but I would just like to take note of the most important thing that happened on last week’s episode. Ichabod Crane wore skinny jeans. Gasp!

Yes, after a season of wearing nothing but old clothes from two and a half centuries ago, Mister Crane wore skinny jeans. Tom Mison, the actor who plays the lead character, is a lean guy so he looks good in skinny jeans and a shirt. But his character is so uncomfortable that his predicament with the tight jeans produces nothing but laughter.

“Hell hath frozen over.” Is what Leftenant Abbie blurted out upon seeing her partner. She was right of course, on so many levels. Skinny jeans are so uncomfortable, so much so that it inhibited Crane’s ability to sit like a regular human being. As Crane put it, “One sign of the impending apocalypse is surely skinny jeans.”

Although the show is dark, scary, and suspenseful, the moments where Crane battles out normal everyday things gives us lighthearted moments. I see it as a momentary breather, where we can relax for a few seconds before we dive in to the scary abyss which is Sleepy Hollow. And frankly, these are the things that I love so much about the show. To celebrate the finale, here are some of the best moments when Ichabod Crane was battling it out with normal things from the present day.

Correcting History

I imagine that it would be frustrating to come from the past and see it told differently in the future. So when Ichabod Crane clashes with some historical inaccuracies, he can’t stop himself from saying what really happened. Examples are the butchering of Paul Revere’s “The Regulars are coming!” to the meal of the very first Thanksgiving.

Ichabod Crane VS The Shower

Crane was very surprised to see that water comes from these “shower heads” that pop out of the wall. His whole tumble in the shower was quite funny.

Ichabod Crane and The Voicemail

“Dear Miss Mills, I trust this arrow missive finds you well, if it finds you at all…” these is just the start of a 27 second recording of Crane to Abbie and it is glorious. For the whole sound bite, click the link.

Mister Crane and the Right for Free Water

“Were you charged a fee for that water? My God, it should be an inalienable right!” Right you are Mister Crane. And since we’re talking about things that enter our body through the mouth, his stand against the 10% levity on donuts makes me smile every time I remember it.

NorthStar and Yo’landa

This may be the saddest and funniest NorthStar call ever on TV.

“It is I who should thank you, kind woman, for unlocking this vehicle from afar, and showing me how the entertainment system operates. Farewell, Yolanda.”

If you want to listen to the whole call, click the link.

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