Katia Winter On Katrina Crane, Sleepy Hollow and More

By: Kh Ishrar

How Well Do You Know Katia Winter?

500px-Sleepy_Hollow_Ichabod_Crane's_Next_Move_-_NY_Comic_Con_2013After getting to provide numerous other articles about Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, we have decided to move on to another great star, about whom we have hardly been able to discuss. The beautiful Katia Winter, from Sweden, has, probably not the biggest, but one of the most significant characters on the show. She plays Katrina Crane, wife of Ichabod Crane who was stuck in purgatory (land of the unknown, dominated by evil) from the first episode until right down to the ground-breaking finale. There have been many speculations about her ever even getting to escape purgatory, and now that she finally has, there are more 475225_originalspeculations about how long she is planning to visit as the Cranes have left Abbie Mills in the hands of Moloch (the child sacrificing demon), as collateral. And not just that, Katrina has been taken away by her bitter ex, Abraham, who is now a headless horseman of death. It’s crazy how much is going on in this show, which is a must watch!

Katia Winter goes on to give her honest opinion about her expectations on the success of the show. She says, “I expected it to do well with the fans but I’m a bit surprised that it’s doing incredibly well.” She also said that her reference of the Sleepy Hollow tale is the classic Sleepy Hollow movie casting Johnny Depp; Katia stated, “I’m a huge fan of the Tim Burton film.”

Sleepy-HollowThe character Katia is portraying is that of a witch. When asked about the role, Katia went on to describe her role by saying, “Well, she is an incredibly strong character, and this is what I liked about [her] when I spoke to Bob and Alex. And actually, all of the female characters in ‘Sleepy Hollow’ are very independent and they’re not defined by a man as such. You’re gonna get a glimpse of it in Episode 5, but also in Episode 7 or 8, that’s when you really, really you go to the depths of her character and really see how strong she is. Very independent. She’s obviously Ichabod Crane’s wife, but there’s so much more to that, than just that.”

Even though, on-screen Katia looks perfect for the delicate and sophisticated role of Katrina, real Katia wanted to enter a career which involved a rough and tough life, possibly fighting off crime. She was quite determined to become a cop. Katia actually is closer to being Abbie in real life, rather than Katrina, the irony! Katia states, “I went to this military infused high school, I suppose. We did military training and we worked with the customs and the police department. I’ve always been drawn to the profession. I did a bit of criminology. So, I was close to applying Sleepy-Hollow-sleepy-hollow-tv-series-35766970-1920-1080to the police academy.”

Katia admittedly said that she likes a woman who is strong. She mentions, “Anything that has to do with a powerful woman, I like.” You can tell that she is a tough woman who also states, “It takes a lot to scare me.” So, let’s not judge a book by its cover. Just because she looks so delicate onscreen, doesn’t mean she is any damsel in distress. In fact, if it were in Katia’s hands, even Katrina would have a different appearance on Sleepy Hollow, as she says, “I’ll be interested to see Katrina crane in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.” We wouldn’t mind seeing that, really. Sleepy Hollow, surprise us!

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