Sleepy Hollow Season 02 Titles Revealed And New Headless Doppelgänger To Enter Town

By: Kh Ishrar

Spoilers For Sleepy Hollow Season 02

02ca74d8dbfdb24a1a5065cecb6860b9Sleepy Hollow has never been short of surprises but the way they come up with more and more epic revelations with every passing episode is astonishing. We are back now for dropping more Sleepy Hollow Spoiler Bombs on you, so sit back and take the hit.

We are familiar with the first two episode titles already. The first episode of Season 02 shall be no party and might just bring upon us, hell on earth, as it has been titled “Hellfire.” The second episode had been titled “The Kindredand that is all we were aware of till now. But now there have been more disclosures. The Kindred, here, is referring to much more than our expectations, it is in fact, a mighty creature the producers are bringing into town. Show’s co-creator, Robert Orci mentioned, “We’re introducing a creature called the Kindred, which is a doppelgänger to our Headless Horseman, and our heroes realize possibly one way to battle a monster is to create a monster of their own that they may or may not be able to wield or trust. We’ve got a very wicked twist on the Pied Piper this year as well.” That is one big bummer! So does that mean that the new Headless Horseman, brewed by the good ones, if going to fight evil which includes his look-alike bro? Or will the old and original horseman take his authentic form permanently? Will the Abraham Van Brunt, Ichabod remembers take the over?

3af6950786d8c50ea689c4540e41588aEP Len Wiseman added to the thrill by stating that, “some real troubles and drama between our leads in terms of, are they going to be able to fight for the same side with the same goal in mind?” That makes sense as the witnesses are officially destined to turn against each other and now that Ichabod has his son and his wife in the picture and he can see his family so closely, the ‘what could have been’ might just affect him too deeply. And even if it doesn’t, Abbie might become skeptic once she learns that Henry Parish is none other than Ichabod and Katrina’s only son.

Now as promised, there are more, new episode titles revealed and let’s see what we can gather from that information. The third episode has been titled “Root of All Evil,”(airing, 6th October) suggesting to do something with Moloch, perhaps? The forth episode will be called, “Go Where I Send Thee” (airing, 13th October). Since we just learned about the creature, The Kindred, this episode could do more with setting up a mission for him or for some other creature, Sleepy Hollow has never been short on those! wxnip4i-imgur (1)Fifth episode would spice up things a little, as it will be called, “The Weeping Lady (airing, 20th October). We might be down to nothing with this but our guess is that Heather Lind, who will join Sleepy Hollow as one from Ichabod’s past, might be the lady the titular lady of the episode. The sixth episode is titled “And the Abyss Gazes Back” (airing, 27th October). This season will have numerous blasts form the past and this episode will have a lot to do with that we can tell. Preferably, one from Abbie’s past, as we are quite short on her side of history. The reason behind her turning out as a witness is still quite unclear and this season will hopefully give us a better insight on that.

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