First Look At Sleepy Hollow Season 02

By: Kh Ishrar

Sleepy Hollow Season 02 Teaser Promo

FOX’s Sleepy Hollow has been in news ever since its inception, with the Pilot episode and also has been receiving its much deserved appreciation. The thrilling first season ended with massive cliffhangers which most of us had a very hard time digesting. We can hardly wait for the new season but the good news is that we have a lot learn in the meantime. The second season is drawing nearer and nearer with date being set at September 22, 2014, when the show will finally premier with the first episode of its sophomore season. Today we have for you, the teaser promo for the upcoming season, which we are here to analyse. Watch out for spoilers ahead!

wenn20550298As the spoiler suggests, “War isn’t coming to Sleepy Hollow, it’s been here all along,” says, Jeremy Crane/Horseman of War, formerly known as Henry Parish. Luckily for us and the town, it looks like Ichabod is free from the pine box and the inspiring words from Abbie, while she still is in purgatory, are surely helping. “You didn’t travel through two centuries to die in a pine box,” says Nicole Beharie, playing Abbie Mills on Sleepy Hollow. The video above includes contents form the first episode of the second season, ‘Hellfire’ so we can hope to see the witnesses reunite as Abbie is seen interacting with Ichabod. However, in Sleepy Hollow, it could easily be through a dream or some kind of supernatural arrangement. We am almost certain that there was a tiny little glimpse of Jenny there pointing a weapon at someone. Let’s count on our stars to make that speculation come true.

FF SDCC 1For the new season, we already have a number of new characters lined us, including the bounty hunter, the new sheriff of town, Ben Franklin, Ichabod’s ex and the headless horseman’s doppelganger. Actors whom you can expect to encounter in Season 02 are,  The West Wing’s Timothy Busfield as Benjamin Franklin, One Tree Hill’s Matt Barr as Nick Hawley, House of Cards’ Sakina Jaffrey as Leena Reyes and TURN’s Heather Lind as Mary Wells. They are among many others yet to be revealed as we are sure to see many more interesting additions to the already magnificent cast of Sleepy Hollow.

f-sleepy-hollow-white-suit-black-white-dress-001If you are looking for suggestions on the show, we are bringing you some, directly from Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie. Mison had mentioned in an interview with theTVaddict, that the audiences need to brace themselves for the next season, as it starts right from the level where it was left off. It is hard to imagine how the show’s creators will manage to keep up with the pace of the Season 01 finale as it was complete and utter madness! There was chaos and craziness spelt all through the town of Sleepy Hollow. Nicole Beharie on the other hand, suggests that we re-watch the last season’s finale before diving into the the second one in order to feel the continuum. Good advice, we say. We’ll be sure to do that and so should you!

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