Sleepy Hollow Update: Have You Met The Bounty Hunter?

By: Kh Ishrar

Is The Bounty Hunter Abbie’s Potential Love Interest?

boba fett oneAnd thanks to twitter and the blessing of the tweets by the people associated with Sleepy Hollow, we now know that a bounty hunter is coming to the aid of the witnesses. Sleepy Hollow has casted Matt Barr to play Nick Hawley on the show. The character will be appearing in a recurring role and is described as handsome and an ‘easy-on-the-eyes badass.’ Does that sound like Abbie’s kind of guy to you? Well, we’d like to consider that a possibility.

We already know that the show is going to introduce a romantic angle to the character of Abbie, as quoted by Executive Producer, Heather Kadin, “Now that Katrina’s back-ish, the potential of having her there, you want to see Abbie have some hot romance, so we’ve talked a lot about that, which we know fans will hate.” That is some great idea according to us and we are super excited to see the other side of the tough and virile Abbie Mills. But more thrilled than us is Nicole Beharie herself. abbie millsShe even wanted to be a part of the casting process of her love interest on the show, only to make sure that he is ‘tall and chiseled and strong enough’ for her. We are certain that the new bounty hunter is nothing short of those things (I mean have you seen Matt Barr?! Simply breathtaking!). We hope that while Ichabod is busy catching up with his long lost wife Katrina, Abbie finds comfort in the presence of her new hunter mate.

Nick Hawley is infact described as being rough and a bit of a loner but with the hint of a sense of humor. Could we have asked for a better lover for the second witness of the apocalypse? But most importantly, since the bounty hunter is on their side, they all have a common goal, which is to defeat evil. We can expect Nick to avoid turning into one of Moloch’s minions like Andy did, because no matter how affectionate he is about Abbie, it would never work between them.

matt barrMatt Barr, chosen for the bounty hunter’s role, has worked in various other shows and movies. To name a few, Matt Barr starred in TV shows like One Tree Hill, Hellcats, Bones, Gossip Girl, The Big Bang Theory. He even starred in an episode of my favorite show, Castle (Season 02, Episode 03- Inventing the Girl). The actor has upcoming movies for 2014 which you might want to check out to visualize him in Sleepy Hollow. Matt Barr is going to be seen in Call to Duty as Shaun Sawyer and in Undrafted as Anthony.

In the upcoming second season of Sleepy Hollow we will witness the bounty hunter, assisting in fighting a supernatural case for, hopefully a considerable amount of time in the 18-episodes long drama. Not only does Abbie need a love interest, we too need the comic relief which Matt is about to provide as Nick Hawley. It is also a great side that the Ichabbie bubble is about to burst, at least temporarily.

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