Sleepy Hollow Season 02: Going For Bigger And Better

By: Kh Ishrar

Sleepy Hollow: Plans For The Upcoming Season

SHtomnicole900x506Sleepy Hollow has had an amazing and even a little unexpectedly prosperous and greatly appreciated journey with no more than just a debut season of the show. This September the second season shall hit us and expect it to hit you hard, as in an interview with SheKnows, Sleepy Hollow’s producers and stars explained how the show was planning to go bigger than its preceding season.

Producer Heather Heather Kadin said, “In the first season of any show, you’re trying to figure out what works, what doesn’t work, what do people respond to, what can we get away with our characters — and this time we had a better sense of that and we know where we can push things, and we’re able to push things in really fun ways.”

hollow-castExpanding the horizon is what the show is going for and for that, one measure they have adopted is introducing strong new characters who will join us in Sleepy Hollow. Co-creator Richard Orci says, “One of the characters that we have coming in [is] this character Nick Holly. He is an antiquities dealer, but he’s been all over the place, so through him we’re going to start to see how different religions and different myths start to overlap a little bit — how a lot of the stories we tell ourselves maybe have common origins.”

Sakina-Jaffrey-House-Cards-barr“We have a new historical figure who we’re going to feature prominently in the premiere, and then I think he will be a big part of the season: Benjamin Franklin. And he’s a blast. We’ve cast Tim Busfield and we’re having a lot of fun with him.”

“We’re introducing a creature called the Kindred, which is a doppelgänger to our Headless Horseman, and our heroes realize possibly one way to battle a monster is to create a monster of their own that they may or may not be able to wield or trust. We’ve got a very wicked twist on the Pied Piper this year as well.”

Executive Producer Mark Goffman talks about the new sheriff in town by stating,” She’s going to be much more of an obstacle for Abbie and Crane than we’ve seen in the past,” Goffman said, adding that the new sheriff’s “whole goal is cleaning up this mess that the city is in.

BpI6_HBIIAA3l8tThe situation in Sleepy Hollow currently suggests that there needs to be a lot done to pull our characters out of the peril which they have gotten themselves into. Nicole Beharie’s remedy to that is, “Dire circumstances require dire measures, and they go for it. I think everybody has to go for it to get out of their predicament.”

And while stating the cause of all the disruptions in Sleepy Hollow, co-creator, Robert Orci, talks about the new villain and says, “Sometimes you get a villain and they’re just a villain. In this case, it happens to be Ichabod Crane’s son and Katrina’s son. What role did they really play in making him a villain? Can this villain be redeemed in some way? Do we want to redeem him?”

While others explained what they could, Executive Producer, Len Wiseman, chose to keep it no longer than four words. He summed up the second season, saying, “People die, people cry.”

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