Katia Winter On The Changes Katrina Had To Undergo In The Current Season

Katia On Season 02 Showing A Stronger Side Of Katrina

1421974924_Katia-Winter-Wallpapers-1This season of Sleepy Hollow has not been the same, especially for one of the lead characters of the show. Katrina Crane, played by Katia Winter spends almost the entire of the first season stuck in purgatory. But the sophomore season brought enormous changes when the creators of the show decided to get Katrina out of there for good. Along with other changes like getting to see Katrina grow into a stronger witch and seeing her as more than just a selfless, Ichabod protecting shield, we also get to see her in a whole different avatar. The big black outfit is finally off and modern day clothing is in. Katia shares her experience of wardrobe change and says, “I felt like such an elephant on the set because I was the only one in these huge costumes. These big, four layers of fabric — it looks great and I love the look of it, but after a while you’re like “Oh my God, so uncomfortable.” It was great to get her into a pair of jeans. And I’d done that from the start — I thought that she’d be more willing to put on modern-day clothes than Ichabod because she wants to blend in with everyone else.”

968full-katia-winterA lot of thought went into the costumes, as Katia Winter states, “We’ve played around a lot with costumes, trying to find a middle ground. Keeping the corset and keeping the silhouette; having a feminine, but still darker, touch to her costume. The corset has really helped. That’s the one thing that she is comfortable in, because she’s always been wearing that. So even though she’s wearing pants and not the skirt, the corset has been this signature thing for her throughout the season.” We have definitely noticed the out of place attire but for some reason it does suit her perfectly. In fact, the old Katrina would be lost without these little touches. Katia defines it more accurately by saying, “It gives you that shape of a woman from that time. 39908_katia-winter-interpreta-katrina-crane-sleepy-hollowIt’s still like armor, a little bit. It straightens you up, and it makes you move a certain way, and it makes you stand a certain way and be more poised — the mannerisms of women in that era. The corset has really contributed to that. There’s been times, and there’s going to be times, where she’s not wearing it, too — but I try to hold onto it as much as I can.”

As much as we are happy to see some traces of her centuries old habits, it is refreshing to see the new strong nature that has come to light recently. As Katia puts it, “In Season 1, she wasn’t really established, and there was this huge fan base established for Abbie. So in Season 2, when I get thrown into the mix and I’ve been bouncing back and forth between Headless and Ichabod… She needs to be her own character, not just be the “wife of Ichabod” or the “ex-fiance of Headless.” I’ve been talking a lot about it, and I think finally they listened to my input as well. I’ve been agreeing a lot with what people have been saying, that she needs to come into her own skin. I’m excited about the three or four last episodes because that’s when that finally happens. So it’s been a roller coaster, and it’s been fun, too. I’ve really enjoyed doing all of these action scenes. I’ve never really done that before. Fight scenes and getting flown across the room and doing magic; it’s definitely a fun set to be on, but it’s really intense. I’m curious as to what the reactions are going to be by the end of this season.”

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