Roberto Orci Reviews The Creatures In Sleepy Hollow

By: Kh Ishrar

Old and New Monsters In Town

SH promoEvil takes over Sleepy Hollow this season. With emphasis on the series regulars and the new extended cast, you might think that there might be few influential evil obstacles but that is not the case with Sleepy Hollow.  This season is literally ‘bigger and badder’.  The town shall flow with a wide range of demons and the old ones might get new avatars when the circumstances demand it. While talking about the show with InsideTV, the show’s producer, Roberto Orci went on to discuss the evil running arpound this season.

The season being based on war, it is safe to say that Henry Parish, the horseman of war, will have one of the most, if not the most, significant characters on the show. Moreover, John Noble, playing Henry, has been promoted to series regular for Season 02. Orci described the character by saying, “Henry Parrish is like the best evil characters. He continues the theme that we started in season one, which is that evil doesn’t operate by showing up in your living room and blowing up your house. Evil operates by tempting you to do the wrong thing, by turning neighbor against neighbor, by making regular people do evil. The horsemen of the apocalypse themselves, as we established, are people who then end up magically personifying sort of these roles,” he goes on to describe the other horseman of the apocalypse by saying, “In the case of the Headless Horseman, it was a man who was in love with Katrina, and his quest to win her back continues on in season two. The-Pied-Piper_612x946Katrina is able to see who the Headless Horseman truly is once again, and they get to flesh out their history. He gets to continue to pursue her as a love interest, and then the question is, is she really being tempted by this man slash god of evil, or is she potentially using his affections to find out more? Same with Henry Parrish—evil sometimes, the way they operate is to be very under the radar. So now Henry Parrish is a man living in the town, sitting among us as he pushes things in place to destroy the town. Entering all this is a new sheriff, who unlike Irving is not privy to the fact that Sleepy Hollow is a centerpiece of supernatural activity. That really complicates Abbie and Ichabod’s journey.”

Now that we are speaking of horsemen of the apocalypse, there are two more of them, still left out on Sleepy Hollow. When asked about plans of bringing them in, Orci says, “They (the two other horsemen) have plans to get into the story. The-Kindred_612x946How fast we get to them is up for grabs. We’ve got definitive plans up through about episode 11, and one of the great things about having a plan is as it unfolds, you get to test audience’s reactions. If you have a solid enough plan and you have a good team, you can call an audible midway through the season and see what you need. But it turns out we might have enough story. Certainly we’re going to tease their arrival; when they arrive is still a state secret.”

We have another unexpected new monster on the show, called the Kindred. Roberto Orci says, “Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. The Kindred is a character generated from the knowledge of how the Headless Horseman operates. You could say he is a mirror version of the Headless Horseman—he has a lot of the [same] skills, but is manipulated into fighting for the side of Abbie and Crane. It’s great when you have a big bad who can help you, but also you can’t control some things when you unleash them.” Watch Entertainment Weekly’s exclusive video to get the first look at the fearsome monster, the Kindred, have a faceoff with the bad old headless horseman.

Moloch-at-War_612x380Let’s not forget the demon that goes highest up the evil chain, yes, we are not going to leave out the worst kind of monster, Moloch. With his new avatar, ‘Moloch shall rise’ this season with bigger and scarier plans this season. Orci says, “Moloch, as evil as he was in season one, he’s been a little bit frustrated with his access to the real world. I think part of the reason you’re seeing some nice new sketches for him is he wants to look his best in case he manages to set foot completely into our world. That is his goal. And that is part of what’s going to be going on through the season. Can he really get an apartment in Sleepy Hollow and really raise havoc?”

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