Sleepy Hollow Episode 3 Preview “Root of All Evil“

The upcoming episode is about trust and betrayal. Many of them are supernatural and circled around the likes of monsters and other dreadful things. We can say that the struggles are just as much human.

The series episode is able to pull off being both a pleasing self-contained story and an efficient link in the overarching chain of its season.  The preview was able to deliver how badly everyone misses Having Irving around.

On the preview “Root of All Evil,” Tom Mison’s character runs into a very unlike sort of struggle than one that he has encountered so far: The police are not keen to cooperate with him. Sheriff Reyes is no Captain Irving, and she does not want to see Ichabod around. She doesn’t know who he is, and when she asks for his identification, he tries to play the whole “I forgot it at home” line with very little success.

Spoiler Alert

The show’s writing is an appealing strength rather than a copied support. When Operation Avert the Apocalypse uncovers the actual reason for traitor Benedict Arnold’s dirty treason it was a coin – a shekel – handed down from Judas, the greatest traitor in the history of mankind. It’s back and that’s why valued populace of Sleepy Hollow are snapping and killing people they care about.

Jeremy Henry “War” the Second horseman, the man knowing about these events. He is the guy whose witch mom’s coven killed and concealed him, leaving him subversive until Moloch arrived to free him. Now, he can work out some of his violence with this handily quarter-sized coin that unlocks the revengeful side of its victims’ hearts, driving them to fundamentally uncharacteristic acts copying its previous owners.

The sisters Mills, though, are Jeremy’s eventual target. Their relationship is set to get an overwhelming hit when Jenny comes under the coin’s influence. Their confrontation in the woods as Abbie tries to break the shekel’s hold on her sister is intense, bringing to light compound feelings – and some absolute rage – on both of their parts. Abbie’s later realization, after reading transcripts from her mother’s psych ward records, that she and Jenny are not the first to be attacked by Moloch; her mother had done all she could to keep them away from Moloch until she couldn’t hold on any longer. It’s a poignant expose, one that fits perfectly within this plot as well as within the greater account of the series.

Many characters’ contents and priorities brought to light via the shekel’s power, its clarification eventually falls on Ichabod and Abbie. Ichabod’s sweet words about trust leave us with the feeling that an even deeper connection does exist between the two; they do have the notable bond of Witnesses. On the other hand, Irving has to figure out what to do regarding leaving Tarrytown. Ichabod has an ID now and that she can throw it in Reyes’s face.

Sleepy Hollow always left me feeling awake from their latest episodes!

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