Sleepy Hollow – Making an Old Formula Fresh Again

Friday the 13th the seriesWho remembers Friday The 13th The TV Series? I know I sure do. Sure, it had nothing to do with hockey Masked Psychos killing horny teenagers, but it was a fun show.

In case you missed it, here is a synopsis. Micki and Ryan are cousins that inherited an antique store that sold cursed antiques. Now they must get all the cursed items back. So every episode this guy and gal would go off into a new supernatural adventure.

Sound familiar? Some may say that Friday the 13th the Series just added “spooky” to the tried and true formula of detective shows like “Moonlighting”, and others still may say that “Moonlighting” just added the female side to shows like “The Rockford Files”. Whatever it may be, it was the first show that I remember where a couple had to fight off different supernatural forces every episode.

A few years after Friday the 13th: The Series ended its television run, another show came in and took the formula to a new level. This time they added science fiction to the horror elements, and made the leads FBI agents.

The X Files“The X-Files” brought something else to the table: The “quick to believe” male, and the more logical female skeptic. Agents Mulder and Scully kept us glued to our seats for nearly a decade. Some thought it was the pinnacle of the formula.  Others came and went, but none captured that fire… until “Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow has blended American colonial “horror” fiction with American Colonial history. It threw in some biblical Armageddon, and slapped it into modern times with a “take no nonsense” woman there to keep it controlled.

Tom Mison manages to keep the awkwardness of the literary Ichabod Crane in tact  using the “man out of his time” theme to great advantage, yet he can still bring the character the intelligence, and danger it needs (as a former revolutionary war soldier).

Sleepy HollowNicole Beharie is marvelous in the roll of Lt Abbie Mills. The skeptical, and more level headed of the two, her performance grounds the show and gives the audience a portal into the crazy events of the show through a set of eyes that are most like our own.

I can’t talk about Sleepy Hollows cast without bringing up Orlando Jones. (wasn’t he the “make 7 up yours” guy?). Carrying the “angry police Sgt” roll into in to a historical / time travel / horror/ police procedural is a daunting task, and Jones not only plays the part believably, but also sympathetically

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