Sleepy Hollow’s Next Season’s Sneak Peak


Fans need not to wait too long as Sleepy Hollow will shortly be coming back to Fox, and this season is expected to be loaded with as much excitement, action and adventure as the last season. Fresh and new characters are to be introduced to Sleepy Hollow who will be bringing more drama and struggles for Ichabod Crane and Abbie. An exciting new character to appear will create an impediment to Ichabod will be his ex-girlfriend.

While fans will surely be excited about the new characters to come to be seen on the next season, Ichabod is particularly nervous about one of them, the ex.  Mary Wells is an ex-girlfriend of Ichabod. She was able to cross the pond from England to Sleepy Hollow. She is an unstable woman who has a very dark side. She makes it a point to protect Ichabod but not in a good and loving way. She gets in the way of Ichabod and Abbie as they try to save the world. Mary Wells will be played by Heather Lind who starred in the movie “Turn.”

“It’s definitely scary,” says the executive producer, Alex Kurtzman in Entertainment Weekly about sustaining the show’s soaring standards. “I think ‘Sleepy’ caught people by surprise last year a little bit, and that worked to our advantage.”

“Now there’s a microscope on the show, which is wonderful and terrifying all at the same time — but mostly wonderful,” he guaranteed Entertainment Weekly. “I think the compass that we all use is just really wanting to make sure that the stories are coming from an honest place that they’re ultimately coming from the character.”

He explicated that part of the system that the writers abide by was that the monsters within the plot “could never be random.”

“The monsters need to be literal manifestations of the inner demons that our characters are fighting,” he stated. “If we can link each monster to an emotional trial that our characters have to overcome, then the monsters are going to be really satisfying because you have the emotional experience of watching our people jump hurdles that make them stronger at the end.”

Another character to appear in the next season is Nick Hawley, a bounty hunter who aids Ichabod and Abbie. His appearances will be recurring so a relationship with him and the duo will be formed. With all the impediments Ichabod and Abbie are to face, they need all the help they can get. Matt Barr who worked on “One Tree Hill” will star as Nick Hawley.

Ichabod and Abbie are bound to face so many challenges on the next season. Ichabod’s son who all this time he presumed to be dead turns out to be alive and very much able. He is unexpectedly one of the Four Horseman, War. Two of the Four Horseman are currently running uncontrolled. No sooner than later will the other two be joining them. Viewers last saw Ichabod being buried alive by his very own son and Abbie was was trapped in Purgatory.

“It’s a season about War,” executive producer Mark Goffman stated during a TV panel. “It’s a season about Redemption. What do you do when your son becomes the Horseman of the apocalypse? That’s what Ichabod is going to have to contemplate if he gets out of that pine box.”

Sleepy Hollow will return to Fox on Monday, September 22, 2014.

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