Tom Mison Describes The New Bounty Hunter

By: Kh Ishrar

Ichabod Crane, Jealous Much?

tumblr_mxuptsf1Kh1qa0tfoo4_250It’s been a while since Sleepy Hollow has been missing form our screens and we have to wait for just a bit more until the show is back with a bang. Until then, the updates and spoilers for the next season are what keep entertained. The unique and dramatic show needs no introduction as it has won thousands of hearts with its classic period drama. Tom Mison, playing Ichabod Crane on the show, mentioned to The National, “I haven’t seen a show like this that has two different periods – 200 years apart ­– and follows stories in both of them,” says Mison. “It’s remarkable. With the mythology, they’ve created something so thorough and so unique that, for an actor, it’s nothing but fun to dive into it.”

c6f1f8a6f4218381bdb5c4a604c9343cAlmost entirely through the initial season of Sleepy Hollow, we have seen the witnesses alone and short of love. Ichabod longed for his long departed wife, Katrina, who is held in the purgatory by the devil, Moloch, as a prize for the horseman of death, Abraham Von Brunt. While the second witness, Abbie pushes away everyone whole has the potential to care for her, be it her sister, Jenny, or the obsessed zombie, Andy. But thankfully, the second season might bring about some alterations. Katrina has already free from the purgatory, even though she is currently held captive by headless, we can see the prospect of Ichabod getting reunited, yet again, with his one and only true love. Katia Winter, playing Katrina on Sleepy Hollow, mentioned in an interview that she is sick of the purgatory and she would love nothing more than to get out of there, we sure hope she does get out once and for all! And as for Abbie, it’s hard to picture something great happening to the poor girl stuck in the purgatory, but even for her Season 02 has something special; rather someone special. And No, not Ichabod Crane, our apologies to the Ichabbie fanbase.

matt barrBetween the witnesses, Ichabod might be the one rooting, even if slightly, for Ichabbie, as he mentioned earlier, “If we (Ichabod and Abbie) end up kissing, will people be outraged? It might be worth doing it just to see the Internet break.” Whereas, the producers have a different plan in mind as EP Heather Kadin, said, “Now that Katrina’s back-ish, the potential of having her there, you want to see Abbie have some hot romance, so we’ve talked a lot about that, which we know fans will hate.” Beharie had been super excited about it then and even offered to be a part of the casting process to make sure that Abbie got the best. And she is still quite enthused while Mison asks her to “steady up” but we get her excitement. Eventhough Katia Winter has no problem exchanging her man, as she jokingly mentioned in an interview that she would give Ichabod up for Abbie as long as she got a new guy, perhaps headless? But looks like Abbie is the one getting a new guy here. Nick Hawley, entering Sleepy Hollow as the bounty hunter, Matt Barr, has been described as “far too attractive” by Mison. Barr is said to spend a lot of time with Abbie and might just be her potential love interest. Mison went ahead to mention that the bounty hunter is, “going to be helping us, some of us in more ways than one” and Beharie, eternally opposed to spilling the beans said, “Wow, is that not giving away entirely too much?!” But that’s all we need for the speculations and Mison really needs to let go of Abbie, atleast he has Katrina. No matter how great you look Mison, we can’t let you have all the ladies!


Shame they picked such a bad actor as the new love interest. I doubt a great actor like Mison has anything to worry about.

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