What Does Season 02 Hold For Ichabod And Abbie?

By: Kh Ishrar

Hear Beharie and Mison Foretell the Destinies of Abbie and Ichabod

FOX's "Sleepy Hollow" Los Angeles  Special Screening And Q&APatience always brings the sweetest fruits. Well, this better be true in case of the second season of Sleepy Hollow, which, as we have recently learned, premiers September 22nd of this fall. Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison have been quiet for long enough now, don’t you think? It’s time they let out the little secrets and spoilers for the much awaited Season 02 of Sleepy Hollow. And finally they have decided to show us some mercy! Here are the tidbits the witnesses of the apocalypse let out for us in an interview with zap2it

When asked about the pine box incident, where Ichabod is locked up, thanks to his only son Jeremy, Tom Mison admits that Ichabod makes an escape after putting in a lot of effort. “Just bang and shout a lot,” says Mison. So, should we guess that someone comes to his rescue, hearing his screams? It might not be so simplistic as Mison also mentioned that the escape was tricky, so hope to see something bigger and more complex my sleepy heads.

 BpLHWWECcAA1wpvOne thing that is going to be tested to a great extent in Season 02, is the strength of the bond between the witnesses. As Abbie is already left in purgatory, as the lovers elope, there is at least a physical distance that they need to overcome initially. Provided that they accomplish it successfully, the witnesses need to reassure one another about their visions. With Jeremy/Henry Parish, being both the horseman of war and Ichabod and Katrina’s only son, the equation between the witnesses could be easily altered. Mison says, “After all this trouble that they’ve been through, their faith in each other has been tested and stretched at all times. How do you deal with that? That’s something that we really, really deeply explore through the second season. We have to build this relationship up again.” When asked about this to Nicole, she replied that the stay at the purgatory is like to make Abbie stronger, if anything. According to Nicole, Abbie will be more driven and focused on their mission to demolish evil than ever before. Nicole states, “Abbie is like, ‘You’re not getting rid of me! I’m here. And we’re going to do this and we’re going to succeed as best we can.’ So I think she is turning into a stronger person, trying to get out.”

sleepy-hollow (1)We are all looking forward to the new status of the finally complete Crane family. Katrina has escaped purgatory and Henry Parish has revealed himself not only just as baby Crane but also as the second horseman of the apocalypse, whom Ichabod is destined to fight. While the man knows that his resurrection after centuries has the sole purpose of defeating evil, the father inside him might try and take over. And remember the prophecy of the witnesses turning on each other? We say, the trend has already begun. Mison refers to Ichabod’s dilemma by saying, “Where do you begin with that family? I mean, when you just think about the actual things that Ichabod found out — his wife’s a witch, she knew about everything that’s caused his life to be miserable now, she’s now gone off with her ex — she didn’t choose to — the son he never knew he had is now the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse. I don’t see how…” Nicole Beharie joked that Katrina should visit a marriage counselor since she hid so many things from her husband while Mison agreed saying, “I’d love to have a scene where Katrina and Ichabod visit a marriage counselor!” As tempting as it may be, we sincerely hope that it is merely a joke.

Catch your favorite show this fall only on FOX. Season 02 Episode 01 of Sleepy Hollow, titled Hellfire, airs on September 22, 2014

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