Tom Mison on Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow

There is no denying it; Tom Mison is last season’s biggest break out star. The English actor, who plays the Sleepy Hollow’s lead character Ichabod Crane, has now a big following thanks to his masterful portrayal. Not only that, his partnership with Nicole Beharie (who plays Abbie Mills) is also enjoying  great support from the loyal fans. They already have a portmanteau, “Ichabbie”, which is also backed up by fan fiction created by avid viewers of the Fox hit show.

Recently, Mison answered some questions regarding the 2nd season of supernatural show. He shared what his favorite monster is, Crane’s interesting family dynamic, and his character’s fascination with today’s technology.

Regarding his favorite “Ichabod Crane reacts to the present” joke:

“I loved Yolanda. I think Yolanda, there’s such an endearing thing about his conversation with OnStar that seemed to have chimed with an audience as well, and that lingers. Most of them, like at the very beginning with the donut holes, the tax. That stuck with me. That’s a good one.”

How about the one in Starbucks?

“Yes. It’s part of what appealed to me most about the show is it allows itself to have these funny moments, although for the characters it’s deadly serious and there are serious problems. Ichabod’s in a new world that is unfamiliar to him and it’s serious for him. But, the show gets the joke so it’s important to have these really nice light moments that then allow us the fear of the Headless Horseman and various others.”

When you got the part, did you stay away from other interpretation of Ichabod Crane?

“No, it’s very difficult to avoid it. I was familiar with the book and I’d seen the film. Obviously there are some tough acts to follow, but ours is so wildly different from any other incarnation of the story so actually no, I went back and I reread the book even though no one asked me to. It’s not intimidating. It’s nice to have a script that you have so much faith in this material that other material around it won’t interfere. “

Since Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills) and Katia Winter (Katrina Crane) are now series regulars, how will they affect your character’s dynamic?

Well, there are more ladies for people to ship Ichabod with.”

Can you give us some juicy non-vague details about Sleepy Hollow’s 2nd season?

“I wish I could. So far it’s only been ideas that I’m aware of. I’m waiting for the scripts as much as everyone else.”

What does Ichabod prioritize? Saving his wife or dealing with the fact that his son is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse?

“Or saving Abbie? There are three things that he’s got to do, so yeah, what’s his priority going to be? That’s something that really interests me about where season two will pick up, is that he’s got to start prioritizing which is something that he hasn’t been very good at in season one. “

What was your favorite monster, villain, or enemy in season one?

“The Sandman. The really good thing about the show is we have a guy, Cory Castellano, who actually does all of the makeup and the costumes so we have them right there. The first time I saw The Sandman with no eyes and his long fingers, I sh*t myself. It was terrifying, terrifying.”

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